Galaxy Note 9: Samsung’s 2018 Flagship Phablet Is All About Size

The Galaxy Note 9 is set to be unveiled in a couple of months, and more details about the upcoming flagship device are trickling in from the rumor mill by the week. In a lot of ways, it seems like the Galaxy Note 9 will be all about its size, and how much bigger and better it is compared to its peers and predecessors.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is traditionally a boosted up Galaxy S, with the devices offering slightly better internals, slightly larger screen sizes, and marginally better features at a slightly higher price. If the ever-reliable Ice Universe group’s leaks are any indication, Samsung appears to be running away with the “bigger is better” philosophy with the Galaxy Note 9, as the upcoming device will be, hands down, the biggest handset Samsung has released to date.

First off, the Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly feature a 6.4-inch display. While this increase is pretty minor compared to the Galaxy Note 8’s 6.3-inch display, it does, nonetheless, give users some additional screen real estate to play around with. Storage-wise, the Galaxy Note 9 would likely be insanely large as well, with the device reportedly boasting internal storage options of up to 512GB. Coupled with a 512GB microSD slot, the Galaxy Note 9 could very well become the first mass-market 1TB flagship smartphone on the market.

The Galaxy Note 9’s battery will also be bigger than its predecessors. As noted in a Forbes report, the Galaxy Note 8 received some criticism due to its conservative 3,300 mAh battery. The 2019 flagship Galaxy S9 was not much better, featuring a 3,500 mAh unit. For the upcoming flagship phablet, Samsung is reportedly preparing to fit a full 4,000 mAh battery pack in the Galaxy Note 9.

Memory-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is all about size as well. After years of the flagship Galaxy line being stuck in the 4GB RAM range, Samsung appears to be preparing to finally up the ante with the memory of its most formidable device to date. According to recent rumors, the Galaxy Note 9 would be the first Samsung flagship with 8GB RAM, making it one of the few smartphones in the market with such a generous amount of memory.

Lastly, Samsung is also reportedly working on upgrading the camera capabilities of the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 8’s primary camera was already excellent, but its front sensor left much to be desired, as the South Korean tech giant opted to reuse the rather substandard front camera of the Galaxy S8 in the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S9. If rumors prove accurate, things are set to change as the Galaxy Note 9 would finally feature a larger, upgraded front camera with larger pixels. This, of course, would result in better low-light selfies — a feature that is invaluable in the current smartphone market.