After Weeks Of Trash Talking, Jimmy Kimmel Loses To Ted Cruz In Basketball Game

After a prolonged period of smack talk from late night television personality Jimmy Kimmel, Ted Cruz had reached a boiling point. Kimmel was constantly attacking the Texan Senator during his program and on social media, the topics ranging from his support of the President to his physical appearance, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

His lack of restraint showed itself even in the midst of the charitable basketball game against Ted Cruz, when Kimmel prefaced the action by asking his opponent whether he’d been practicing basketball instead of working on releasing and reuniting the illegal aliens currently in detention facilities that has become a mainstream media focal point over the past week or so.

“Did you spend more time this week practicing basketball than trying to get those kids out of that detention center?,” said Kimmel as reported by ABC.

All of the smarmy chatter in the world wasn’t enough to lend Kimmel an edge over the Republican senator, with Cruz defeating Kimmel by a score of 11-9. The game was held at the basketball court of Texas Southern University, in Houston.

Each basket was worth a single point in this special game for charitable causes. Kimmel elected to play in support of Texas Children’s Hospital, and Cruz chose Generation One as his charity. With Cruz having won the contest, the prize money will be donated to Generation One. However, all fans in attendance were encouraged to donate freely to their own charities of choice.

The match was initially set after the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host roasted Ted Cruz for his fashion sense, with Cruz having attended a Houston Rockets playoff game wearing a “super cool t-shirt over the polo look.” In good natured fun, Cruz took to Twitter to challenge Kimmel to settle this spat “man to man.”

Kimmel entitled the showdown the “Blobfish Basketball Classic,” poking fun at the Republican Senator’s prominent nose and distinctive facial features.

Kimmel has been making headlines for some time now for his frequent emotional outbursts, many of which find him at odds with the current administration and President Trump’s supporters, who accuse him of using his TV show as a platform from which to launch vicious monologues against his personal enemies.

One notable example was last year’s public tiff between the comedian and conservative underground street artist Sabo, wherein the latter referred to Kimmel as a crybaby in a piece of street art and the former replied with a vulgar hand gesture and a couched plea to donate to groups opposing the second amendment as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Kimmel was also embroiled in a public feud with Sean Hannity of Fox News after the former Man Show host mocked the First Lady’s accent according to Variety and The Daily Beast.

Jimmy Kimmel’s past as host of The Man Show has in and of itself generated controversy from his allies on the left according to RT and The Daily Wire, with many calling him a hypocrite for appearing to support female empowerment and respect for women whilst having made a name for himself as judge of the “Juggies” (large breasted women bouncing on trampolines) during a recurring portion of his show, as well as asking attractive women on the street to place their hands in his pants to find out what was awaiting within during another common clipshow.

Regardless of public opinion on the two men or the opposing ideologies that they represent, it did appear as if both Kimmel and Cruz were genuinely united in their support for charity and community service during the so-called “Blobfish Basketball Classic,” with Cruz gamely smiling in response to Kimmel’s incisive insults – which drew a cheer from the crowd – before taking him to the net.

Despite the high profile of the impromptu game, it was cut short for running overtime, originally scheduled as the first to 15 points. There has been no word as to whether a rematch is in the works.