June 17, 2018
The 'Southern Charm' Reunion Won't Air Until July

This Thursday, a new episode, No. 12 of Southern Charm will air, and there will be one more before the finale that will take place at Patricia Altschul's winter ball. The following week, the Southern Charm reunion will start airing, and Andy Cohen has guessed it will be shown in three parts.

PageSix says that Andy Cohen revealed that filming the Southern Charm reunion was exhausting and he shared on Watch What Happens Live that he was drained afterward.

"I taped the 'Southern Charm' reunion today … and it was intensely dramatic which is why I have droopy everything tonight. Ashley was there. It was really something."
But off-camera, Andy confided in a Southern Charm cast member that he had never filmed a reunion with anyone crazier than someone who attended the Southern Charm reunion. Things were already tense even before the cast sat down because Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith did not attend. Ravenel was banned from the reunion because the cast, as a whole, did not want him there and due to his current legal problems following accusations of rape and sexual assault. Whitney did not attend the tense reunion due to a prior commitment.The cast stayed together on the set of the reunion, ignoring Ravenel's girlfriend who came on her own but requested to stay at another hotel away from the rest of the cast. A source on set said that Thomas' Season 5 squeeze had Bravo-employed minders, but otherwise, spoke to no one until she was called in after hours of filming.

Tamara Tattles added and the source confirmed that Thomas' estranged partner spoke in circles in the same way she did on the Hilton Head episode, generally avoiding questions, and blaming others, including Patricia Altschul for sending her to attack Kathryn. Ravenel's some time girlfriend was unrepentant and refused to apologize for anything she said during the season, even about the Ravenel children, Kathryn's parenting, or calling Kathryn an egg donor.

The cast actually tried to show Ravenel's plus one some compassion because according to someone on the set, it felt wrong to beat up on someone who was "so brainwashed and looked like she weighed about 85 pounds."

Ravenel's girlfriend told Andy Cohen that her dramatic weight loss was due to the stress of life, but cast members confirm that the more tense things got between her and Thomas, the more weight she seemed to drop.

In the rest of the season's episodes, the rift with Ravenel grows, and his girlfriend will try to lean on other male cast members.