Paul Manafort Staying In The Same Area Of Virginia Jail That Once Housed Chris Brown, Michael Vick

Paul Manafort will be spending at least the next three months in a special section of the Northern Neck Regional Jail, an area that is no stranger to famous guests.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager was ordered to jail this week after prosecutors lodged new charges that he tried to tamper with witnesses. As the Washington Post reported, Manafort is now headed to a special section of the holding facility where singer Chris Brown and NFL player Michael Vick once did time.

“In 2007, after Vick, the former quarterback, pleaded guilty to federal charges related to dog fighting, he surrendered to Northern Neck to begin serving his time even before he had been sentenced,” the report noted. “He was there about six weeks. Brown, the singer and songwriter, spent about three weeks in the Northern Neck jail after being extradited from Los Angeles to await trial on a misdemeanor assault charge in the District in 2014.”

Paul Manafort could do worse than following in their footsteps. Though both Vick and Brown were widely vilified for their crimes, both were able to revive their careers and rise back to their respective fields after spending time behind bars. It is not clear yet if Paul Manafort will get the chance to redeem himself, as he faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison.

Manafort will be kept under special watch, away from the general population in the jail, in a VIP area, according to the Inquisitr, though the part of the jail is not without controversy. As the report noted, four inmates have died in this section of the jail since 2011, including a female inmate who suffered a stroke and was denied medical care for more than 10 hours.

Paul Manafort spent his first night in the jail on Friday and will remain there until his trial takes place or until he accepts a plea bargain, which many legal experts believe he will do. Manafort faces the possibility of spending decades in prison for charges that he failed to report income and tampered with witnesses, and many believe that prosecutors will try to turn him against Donald Trump.

Michael Vick and Chris Brown are not the only other famous prisoners to serve time in the Virginia jail before Paul Manafort. As the Washington Post noted, Northern Neck was also home to a prominent member of the Taliban, who led a 2009 attack on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

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