Charlie Sheen Claims Woman In HIV Lawsuit Signed NDA Willingly To Hang With Him, Per ‘TMZ’

A woman recently filed a lawsuit saying that Charlie Sheen exposed her to HIV, and now he’s claiming that she’s lying about being forced into signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Instead, he says she was desperate to spend time with him, according to TMZ. They say that according to new docs, Sheen is denying he coerced her to sign the non-disclosure agreement. He also duly notes that she’s violated that deal.

“Sheen says the woman’s not special — he requires ALL visitors to sign such a document before they enter his house. In his response to her lawsuit… Sheen says she signed it ‘without incident or objection’ because she wanted to hang out, and she got exactly what she wanted,” they reported.

TMZ broke the news on June 12 that the woman, suing as Jane Doe, claimed she only signed the agreement out of fear because Charlie had a “thuggish” goon squad with him. She also said she did not know he was HIV-positive before having unprotected sex with the Anger Management actor. All of this is complicated further by the fact that English isn’t “Jane Doe’s” native language; she’s reportedly Russian.

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Sheen’s legal team says that everyone in Sheen’s life, even people he hires for one night, must sign one of their agreements. They claim that lawsuits against their client, particularly those before Sheen announced his HIV status, were draining him financially and so the NDA agreements were necessary.

“Now, we know that (according to Sheen’s exes) the answer lies in a combination of deception, intimidation and legally-binding promises of discretion. Former Sheen ‘goddesses’ Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson say they were never told about his diagnosis. Ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller were kept quiet through threats that Sheen would expose secrets about them or fight them for custody of their children,” reported The Hollywood Gossip.

It would seem that “Jane Doe” is not backing down, which has kept Sheen and his lawyers on the defensive. He insists that she knew about his status before they slept together and that this is just another case of extortion. The actor went public with his HIV status back on November 17, 2015, during an interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show.

During the interview, he admitted that he was diagnosed four years prior and that the reason he chose to go public was to stop people from blackmailing him for money.