Enrique Iglesias Watches The World Cup With His Adorable Baby Boy

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Turns out, everyone loves the World Cup — even celebrities.

In a post on his Instagram account from earlier today, Enrique Iglesias shared an adorable photo of himself and his son having a little father/son bonding time. In the adorable photo, his son, Nicholas, can be seen sitting atop his dad’s shoulders as he grabs onto his head. The tot looks incredibly cute in a white onesie that is lined with royal blue on the sleeves and on the bottom.

Iglesias looks super handsome as he wears a smile on his face while wearing a trucker hat, as well as an Espana flag draped across his shoulders. The TV can be seen in the background of the snapshot and in the caption of the image, Enrique lets fans know that he is watching the Spain versus Portugal game. Judging by the image, it’s easy to see that Enrique is team Spain.

Within just two hours of the post, Iglesias’ photo has already captured the attention of many of his 13 million followers. Thus far, the image has garnered over 531,000 likes as well as well over 7,000 comments. Many fans chimed in on what a cute dad the 43-year-old appears to be, while countless other fans chimed in to let the singer know who they’re rooting for in the World Cup.

#worldcup #spain #portugal

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“Hey Enrique! Iran is in the same group with Spain, hoping exciting and friendly competitions and love this cute pic of you and your baby.”

“Fatherhood suits you,” another fan wrote.

According to People, Iglesias just welcomed his twins, Nicholas and Lucy, this past December. As most fans know, Iglesias has been in a relationship with Anna Kournikova for the past 16 years, though they both try to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. At a concert it Budapest, Hungary, in March, Iglesias opened up to fans for the first time since the birth of his twins, gushing over the babies.

Game day!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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“I became a father 12 weeks ago and I can absolutely tell you two things: I love my babies! I love them very much. Actually three things: I love my girl and I super f—ing love you guys for being here tonight. This is for your loyalty.”

Since their birth, the singer has only posted a few photos of the twins to his popular Instagram account, but you can tell that he is definitely a doting father and that he loves his twins.

You can follow the adventures of Enrique on his Instagram account.