Eva Longoria Mourns Loss Of Jinxy As She Prepares To Give Birth

Eva Longoria is opening up about a sad moment in her life right now. While she should be getting ready to welcome her son and enjoying the last days of her pregnancy, that is not the case. According to Us Weekly, Eva Longoria revealed she lost her beloved dog Jinxy last night.

If you follow Eva Longoria on social media, you will have also seen Jinxy a lot. The dog was always with his owner, posing for pictures or out and about. Longoria had a decade and a half to spend with her precious Jinxy, something that she cherishes immensely. The news of his passing comes just days before the actress is set to welcome her first child.

There was a beautiful post on Instagram written by Eva Longoria that was dedicated to Jinxy. She talked about how much she loved her little dog and how much the time she spent with him meant to her. There have been plenty of photos with Jinxy and Longoria’s growing baby bump. It looks like she was looking forward to having the two meet. The dog was her baby before she became pregnant, and now, her son and her Jinxy will never get the chance to bond like she had hoped.


Recently, Eva Longoria shared the news that her family and best friend were preparing to help with the arrival of her son. This is a huge moment for the actress as she is welcoming her first child. Fans have been following her journey, one that has been filled with glowing pictures of the soon-to-be mom. The loss of Jinxy has now thrown mourning into the mix, something that generally isn’t thought of as you expect the arrival of your first child.

Celebrities have reached out to Eva Longoria in the wake of Jinxy’s death. After sharing the heartbreaking details of how he died in her arms after a stroke at the vet office, it was clear this was a hard moment for the actress. Longoria has been open about her bond with her dog, something she was proud to boast about. After 15 years together, life without her faithful companion will never look the same. The next few days will tough for the actress as things process and preparations for the birth continue. Eva Longoria has received plenty of support on her post, and with her family there to help, fans are hoping things will go smoothly in the days to come.