Jason Momoa & Wife Lisa Bonet Enjoy Romantic Picnic Date In LA

In today’s #CoupleGoals news, Jason Momoa and his wife, Lisa Bonet, were snapped in a Los Angeles park while having a romantic picnic with one another, according to TMZ.

The photos were snapped yesterday, June 14, and showed the couple alone with each other, enjoying quality time together.

It’s the first time that the two were alone together since Jason Momoa was commissioned to shoot Aquaman for DCEU.

Momoa, previously, was in Hawaii for the movie’s shoot.

The couple have a lot to celebrate, especially since earlier today, new pictures for the film featuring Momoa as the titular character have dropped, and fans the world over went into a tizzy.

Metro UK is reporting that Jason Momoa is featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and needless to say, he looks buffed and sprayed down.

He’s also featured on the cover with his co-stars, Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman.

This marks the first time that any sort of promotion for Aquaman, and it’s the only movie from the DCEU that will be released this year, especially since the movie house took a box office back with such flops as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League (though they did nicely with Wonder Woman).



With Jason Momoa looking super-duper-fly on the cover — and looking ultra-relaxed on his picnic date with Lisa Bonet — fans naturally assumed that the next order of business would be the Aquaman trailer dropping. Some fans on Twitter even suggested that the trailer would drop as early as next week!

But what makes Momoa’s love story so endearing to hear is the fact that he’s loved Lisa Bonet from the time he was a child, according to People Magazine.

Jason Momoa says that he first saw her on TV, when she starred on the Cosby Show, and told his mother that he “wanted that one” while pointing to her.

Ultimately, though, he had to wait until much later on to get his “queen” — namely, he waited until 2005, when he met Bonet at a jazz club and they were introduced through a mutual friend.

He then said that the two shared “Guinness and grits,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lisa Bonet, as many know, has a child — the actress Zoe Kravitz — from her previous marriage to rocker and actor Lenny Kravitz. With Jason Momoa, however, she shares two children — a son, Nakoa Wolf, and a daughter, Lola.