Melania Trump Spotted In NYC On Husband’s Birthday Despite POTUS Claiming He ‘Got A Lot Of Kisses’ From Her

The president said that First Lady Melania Trump showered him with kisses for his birthday. However, according to The Daily Mail, Melania was spotted in New York City on Thursday, June 14, which is the date that Donald Trump celebrated turning 72-years-old.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Donald Trump recently told Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy that Melania’s birthday gift for him was “a lot of good kisses.” During a surprise interview on the White House lawn, the president also talked about his wife’s current condition. He said that the first lady is doing well after her recent kidney surgery, as reported by CBS News, and, unprompted, he addressed rumors that she secretly went under the knife for a different reason. Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that Melania actually had some work done, which they believe explains her lengthy subsequent absence from the public eye.

“The doctor said don’t fly for a month,” the president said. “She’s in great shape. She’s perfect. Somebody said did she have a face lift? No.”

According to USA Today, Melania Trump underwent surgery for a benign kidney condition on May 14. Her one-month restriction on flying ended Thursday on her husband’s birthday, and she avoided spending the president’s special day with him by hopping on a plane. A spokesperson for the first lady confirmed that Melania flew to New York City on Wednesday, and she remained there through Thursday. The rep also said that that the trip was not a health risk because the first lady’s flying ban only extended to international flights.

Melania reportedly spent her time in the city she once called home attending meetings, the purpose of which has not been revealed. On Thursday, she was spotted leaving Trump tower with her security detail. She was also photographed sitting in the back of a black SUV.

So if Melania Trump was M.I.A. on her husband’s birthday, how did she help the president commemorate the occasion by showering him with “a lot of good kisses?” Well, Donald Trump never said that his wife smooched him on his actual birthday, so it’s possible that the two of them celebrated together earlier. But even though this might be the case, some Twitter users are still convinced that Melania’s NYC trip supports the persistent rumors that the president and first lady’s marriage is on the rocks.

“I bet she stays in New York. No more First Lady!” read one response to a tweet about Melania’s flight back home.

“Is she filing for divorce?” wrote another Twitter user.

However, Melania Trump has made numerous trips to NYC throughout her husband’s presidency, and, as reported by TIME, she even continued living in Trump Tower for a short time after he took office. She eventually moved into the White House, and she’s always returned there after visiting her home.

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