Jennifer Lopez’s Buff Ex Casper Smart Posts Shirtless Beach Photo

Casper Smart is asking for help with pickup lines—as if he needs any. The 31-year-old backup dancer and actor, who dated Jennifer Lopez on and off from 2011 to 2016, posted a beach photo that shows off his buff body. Casper was wearing black swim trunks for the pose, but his muscular arms, abs, and abundance of ink dominated the photo taken on a Santa Monica beach.

Casper, whose first name is Beau, captioned the pic with, “What’s your best pickup line? #thirtsythursday,” and some of his 668,000 followers offered plenty of responses.

“Are you a criminal, cause I’m tryna cuff you?” one fan wrote, while another chimed in with, “You look really hot! You must be the real reason for global warming.” Another thoughtful follower offered this tidbit: “The best pick up line is sincerity and joy.”

Casper Smart’s photo has already received nearly 17,000 likes and a steady stream of comments.

In addition to his beach photo, Casper shared video to his Instagram story, revealing that was headed to New York City to shoot The Challenge reunion for MTV. Smart also teased a meeting about a merchandise and clothing deal that he is working on and dished that he will be heading to Miami after that, where he will hopefully pose for more sizzling beach photos.

It was just two years ago that Casper Smart posed for very different kind of beach photo while dating his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. In the summer of 2016, Casper spent the weekend in the Hamptons with J.Lo, who is 18 years his senior, and her twins, Emme and Max. In addition to playing on the beach, Casper hopped on a skateboard with young Emme while max rode his bike and Jennifer followed them in a Jeep, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Casper Smart received a lot of attention during his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, and the superstar actress-singer often defended herself against the term “cougar.”

J.Lo addressed her relationship with Casper Smart during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year. According to Us Weekly, Lopez explained to the talk show host: “I dated Beau and he was younger and that was the first guy ever dating younger than me and then I got labeled right away. If they’re older, they’re older. If they’re younger, they’re younger. It doesn’t matter. It’s whether or not I’m attracted to them or not, attracted to their spirit, their soul, whatever their energy is.”