Sex Offender With No Nose Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography

A convicted sex offender with no nose has been arrested on charges of possession of child pornography, KFSM-TV is reporting.

It’s not clear how, when, or why Joshua Glen Box, 35, lost his nose. But nevertheless, around Fayetteville, Arkansas, he’d undoubtedly be hard to miss. Unfortunately for Box, he only managed to enjoy a life of freedom around the northwest Arkansas city for a few weeks.

That’s because, as KFSM reported at the time, Box had just been released on May 22, back into the community after having spent two years behind bars on previous child pornography charges. On August 3, 2015, Box was convicted of possession thousands of images and videos of minors engaged in sex acts.

a sex offender with no nose was arrested on child porn charges

Specifically, as Newsweek reports, Box was arrested in April, 2015, after an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force investigation revealed that he possessed “around” 2,500 child pornography images and an additional 450 videos on his computer. What’s more, he distributed them to others as well. He told authorities that he had been addicted to child pornography for decades, going back to age 15.

Based on Google News results, it appears that the 2015 conviction was Box’s first and only conviction as an adult.

Upon his release, he was placed in the Medium Risk Category by the Arkansas Department of Corrections’ Risk Assessment division, which meant that he was “likely” to re-offend.

And re-offend he allegedly did. On June 5, just a couple of weeks after being released, Box was indicted on four counts of receiving material involving the sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of possessing material involving the sexual exploitation of a minor. Authorities say the victim was under 12.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the reason for Box’ disfigurement, the Daily Mail noted that, in addition to the obvious tracheotomy, Box has “mounds of scar tissue” on his face where his nose should be, perhaps suggesting it had been removed at some point, rather than him having been born without it.

Joshua Box is not the first strange-looking sex offender to make national news. In the early days of the internet, an Ohio sex offender named Brian Peppers became one of the internet’s first memes, thanks to his protruding eyes.

brian peppers may be the first ugly sex offender

So strange was Brian’s appearance, according to Snopes, that several internet users were convinced it wasn’t real, that perhaps the image was digitally-altered, or perhaps a mannequin. In fact, Brian Peppers is a real person who is listed on Ohio’s sex offender registry.