Ariana Grande’s Fiance, Pete Davidson, Spoke To Nick Cannon Before Proposing

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It appears that rapper-turned-host Nick Cannon has completely solidified the rumors of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship.

This Thursday, Cannon revealed to ET Online everything he knew about the pair’s quickly evolving relationship, saying that Davidson even gave him a call prior to proposing to Grande.

In the report, Cannon said “He called before he was going to do it, and I said, ‘Salud!’ He was really excited, so I was like, ‘I love it, man. Keep it going.’ Love is in the air!”

The current Saturday Night Live star made multiple appearances on Cannon’s show, Wild ‘N Out, in 2013, before becoming a cast member of NBC’s most iconic show.

“I watched them both grow up,” Cannon told ET. “A lot of people don’t know Pete Davidson is someone I introduced to entertainment.”

“I used to have a radio show in NYC in the mornings and this kid called in one day, 15 years old and said, ‘I want to open up for you doing stand-up.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, all right, tell me a joke.’ He told me a joke and I was like, ‘This kid is pretty funny’… I took him on the road with me,” he explained.

“Unbeknownst to me, even at that time, I didn’t know about his history, that his father passed away on 9/11 and then just watched this young man have all of this weight on his shoulders and then just become this outstanding, hilarious young individual.”

In reference to his own relationship with Mariah Carey, Cannon stated “To see them together — and I’ve been one of those dudes with one of those fantasy, fantastic relationships where you just go off and get married, so I was like, ‘Do it,'”

Cannon and Carey were wed after just weeks of dating, and the Wild ‘N Out host was referencing the correlation between his situation and Davidson’s.

However, Cannon urged Davidson to propose to Grande despite this, even congratulating him after, stating “I’ve congratulated Pete. I haven’t spoken to Ariana, but I’m happy for them.”

He concluded his statement with “I think they’re outstanding. They’re young people in love and you can’t knock that. It’s like The Notebook. I’m up for all weddings. I’ll officiate. I don’t know how long they’ll last if you let me do it, but I’m up for it,”

Ariana Grande with big bow on head at Met Gala
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Reports of the pair’s engagement have been circulating ever since the “Break Free” singer was spotted at Disney wearing her engagement ring. The duo was also spotted on June 13 cuddling up for a late-night film in New York City.

The pair confirmed their relationship on Wednesday, May 30, with a quirky Instagram photo captioned “The chamber of secrets has been opened,” She also shared a photo of him sweetly kissing her on the cheek on Thursday, May 31, and captioned it: “I thought u into my life???? woah! look at my mind????⚡????.”

Prior to dating Davidson, Grande was in a relationship with rapper Mac Miller. They announced in May that they were going their separate ways after two years of being together.