LeBron James Will Sign With LA If The Game Has Anything To Do With It

With the NBA currently in its offseason, many fans are talking about what’s next for LeBron James as far as free agency is concerned. Numerous reports are suggesting that James might take his talents to the City of Angels, and Los Angeles Lakers fans are particularly excited at the prospect of four-time NBA MVP joining the team. One of those fans is rapper and cannabis entrepreneur The Game, who has reportedly created a new strain of marijuana that he hopes would convince “King James” to wear the purple and gold for the 2018-19 NBA season onward.

According to TMZ, the new strain was created by The Game’s marijuana company, Trees By Game, and is simply called “‘LA’ Bron James,” with the strain specifically created to convince LeBron to sign with the Lakers as a free agent this offseason. TMZ wrote that Game is a Los Angeles native who is one of the team’s more notable celebrity fans.

“[It’s] a strain inspired by my city and them trying to bring King James to the LAKESHOW,” Game commented, as quoted by TMZ.

Separately, a report from Hot New Hip-Hop noted that The Game’s LeBron James-inspired strain will be available at dispensaries on July 4, though those invited to his annual Fourth of July party will be receiving free samples.

Although TMZ opined that The Game’s plan to lure James to Los Angeles might be the most creative one so far, other companies have come up with their own marketing ploys to convince one of the NBA’s best players of the 21st century to switch sides during free agency and opt out of the last year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. These include one campaign that launched in February, well before this year’s NBA Finals, where James’ Cavaliers were swept by the Golden State Warriors.

According to CNBC, a Philadelphia-based roofing and window contractor called Power Home Remodeling paid for three billboards in Cleveland’s Interstate 480, each of them enticing LeBron to sign with the 76ers for the 2018-19 NBA season. The first billboard showed a basketball court with James’ No. 23 jersey number, the second read “Complete the process,” as a take on the Sixers’ “Trust the process” rebuilding slogan, and the third went straight to the point, displaying the words “Philly wants LeBron.”

Not wanting to be left out, The Game’s hometown of Los Angeles had billboards of its own just days after the aforementioned campaign, courting LeBron James with lines such as “Forget the Process, We Win Banners #LABron” throwing shade at the Philadelphia 76ers and other teams expected to be prime candidates for James’ services as a free agent, according to a March report from Sports Illustrated.

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