Fight Breaks Out On The Food Stamp Line In St. Louis [Video]

St. Louis, IL – An all-out brawl happened on the food stamp line at an East St. Louis government office. The Tuesday fight was reportedly prompted by a fuss over a spot in the long line. One innocent bystander captured the food stamp fight on a cell phone.

Security officers at the St. Louis food stamp office worked for several minutes to separate the punch-throwing women, The Blaze notes. The attempt to calm the situation ultimately worked but not before a multitude of foul language was bantered about.

Food stamp fight witness Detria Graves had this to say during an interview with Fox News:

“It’s just been cool, everybody standing in line, doing what they do, trying to get their stamps, trying to get, you know, whatever they’re going to get. It’s never been like this in there.”

One of the women involved in the food stamp fight allegedly wanted to use a pair of scissors to injure her opponent. The quick actions of one of the security guards thwarted the scissors maneuver. Neither of the women sustained serious injuries after the fight. No arrests have reportedly been made related to the food stamp brawl.

Witness Deshanea Stevenson claims similar incidents happened “all the time” at the St. Louis office. Stevenson feels that no one really cares about the fighting and that something needs to be done to end the problems. She had this to say about being subjected to such violence:

“If I had my son with me, I’d be mad. I’d be very upset. No telling what’s going on. You never know what people have on them. You never know what could happen. Bullets don’t have names on them.”

What do you think about the food stamp fight?

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