Melania Trump’s Approval Ratings Rise In Latest Poll, First Lady’s Low-Key Profile Seems To Work In Her Favor

First lady Melania Trump has been dogged by many rumors over the course of the past month after she essentially disappeared from public life after having kidney surgery. Despite her absence, her poll numbers have stayed strong, and it looks like they have even improved a slight bit.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Melania Trump’s approval ratings in a recent Quinnipiac poll showed the first lady with a 49 percent approval rating. Now, as Newsweek details, Melania’s approval rating is slightly higher in the YouGov poll that just emerged.

First lady Trump’s newest poll ratings show that 22 percent of those surveyed somewhat approve of how Melania is doing and 28 percent strongly approve. The YouGov polling results show that Republican opinions of the first lady remain exceedingly high at 88 percent, with only 3 percent disapproving. Twenty-eight percent of the Democrats surveyed gave Melania a positive approval rating, but 46 fell into the disapproval category.

The same poll resulted in a 42 percent approval for President Donald Trump and a 48 disapproving. Interestingly, the percentages when broken down by party were almost exact opposites. The Dems gave the president a 10 percent approval with 86 disapproving, while the Republicans went with 87 approval and 10 disapproving.

This latest set of data also broke down favorable and unfavorable ratings on the core Trump family members. Melania took the top spot in the group, with Jared Kushner taking the bottom spot in the group of six.

Melania was followed by the president, then first daughter Ivanka, with Don Jr. taking fourth place and brother Eric in fifth place. The poll didn’t seem to account for the president’s other children, Tiffany or pre-teen Barron, or for Eric’s wife Lara or Don Jr.’s estranged wife Vanessa.

The YouGov site does provide the opportunity to break down their data in different ways, and there are some interesting tidbits that jump out. It’s probably not surprising to see, for example, that Baby Boomers approve of Melania more than Millennials or those in Generation X, and her favorables are higher with men than with women. In addition, those who like Melania consider their top issues to include gun control, evolution, terrorism, Social Security, and income tax.

Some might have anticipated that Melania Trump’s approval ratings would decline during the weeks that she was away from events and the subject of rumors regarding her well-being. However, it looks as if her numbers have stayed steady or even slightly approved during these past few interesting weeks and her profile remains a strong one within the presidential family.

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