‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 14 Recap: Victor Gives Theresa Bella Magazine, Ben Works To Convince Ciara Of Sanity

On the June 14 episode of Days of Our Lives, the residents of Salem were beginning to worry about Ciara. Hope and Rafe were using all of their police resources. Julie and Doug had called the hospitals, and Tripp was terrified. Even Claire was concerned about Ciara after hearing from Eve that she missed her photo shoot for Bella Magazine. Of course, Claire didn’t miss the opportunity to offer her modeling services as the runner-up for the New Face of Bella contest.

On a recent episode of Days of Our Lives, Ciara walked into her apartment to find her boyfriend, Tripp, and Claire in a compromising position. Ciara took off on her motorcycle and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Days viewers are aware that Ciara crashed her bike and mental patient Ben Weston found her lying on the road unconscious.

The Inquisitr recently reported that, after finding Ciara, Ben carried her to the dark cabin in the woods. The cabin is the very same one that he held Abby captive in and holds some terrifying memories for him.

Ciara woke up and she recognized Ben immediately as the Necktie Killer. She warned him to stay away from her. Ciara was panicked and tried to escape. Ben told her that she should keep from moving her leg since he was pretty sure that it was broken.

Ben assured Ciara that he was trying to help her, but she didn’t believe him. He informed her that she had an accident and if he had wanted her dead, he would have left her on the side of the road. Ben insisted that he isn’t crazy anymore and showed Ciara his release papers.

Ciara asked why she was in a “crap cabin instead of a hospital,” and Ben told her that he didn’t have a car and Ciara’s cell phone was dead. He didn’t want to return to the cabin, as it brings back bad memories, but there was no place else to go.

“I was found fit to return to society. Society just didn’t want any part of me.”

Ciara begged Ben to go to town and bring a doctor back to her, however, Ben refused.

After being thrown out of Brady’s life, Theresa has been staying with JJ Deveraux. She burst in to tell JJ all of her new plans to win Brady back by inserting herself into his orbit. Victor had given Theresa the rights to Bella Magazine. She is now the editor and chief of a magazine that was named after Brady’s mother. JJ pointed out that Theresa doesn’t know much about running a magazine. Of course, that isn’t really the point. Brady and Eve now work for Theresa.

Theresa told JJ that making love to Brady was like magic. She truly believed that if they had made love, and “sealed the deal,” before Eve showed up with Chloe to ruin things, Brady would have had her back. In Theresa’s mind, sex would have made the difference and Brady would have chosen her over Eve.

As Theresa and JJ were talking about old times, Brady showed up at the apartment to talk. Brady wanted Theresa to “cut the crap” and give him back his magazine. Brady confirmed that he loves Eve and there was nothing she could do to change that. Theresa conceded and says she would give the magazine back to Brady if he made love to her one last time, right there, right then.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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