‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 13 Recap: Ben Takes Ciara To Cabin & Fights For Sanity, Rafe Admits He Wanted A Child

Today’s June 13 episode of Days of our Lives began at the Salem Police Department. Rafe and Eli can’t find evidence to release Gabi, and Rafe is banging his head against the wall looking for any way at all to get her home to her family. Eli has a snitch in the prison system, and they are attempting to get a list of Diane’s friends at Statesville Prison.

The conversation turns to Lani and the baby. Rafe admits that he is a bit jealous and tells Eli that he always wanted to have kids of his own but he guesses it just “wasn’t in the cards” for him. He misses Sidney and Johny after being so close to them while married to Sami, and he reminisces about looking after Ciara when her father passed away.

Hope and Abe are standing in the main office of the Salem PD. Hope tells Abe about Chad finding Ben in Will’s room, a scene that surprised many NBC Days viewers last week. When Abe asks about her relationship with Rafe, Hope informs him that she called off the annulment. Hope gets defensive while talking to Abe, who tells her to just focus on the reasons they fell in love in the first place. All anyone can ask is that she tries.

Across town, Tripp and Claire are at the flat. Tripp is worried about Ciara, who still hasn’t come home and isn’t answering any of his phone calls. Tripp calls Hope and leaves a message. When she gets the message, Hope rushes over to speak with him in person.

Tripp tells her that Ciara walked in on what looked like a sexual encounter between him and Claire. Hope is surprised when Tripp tells her that Ciara revealed the truth about Chase, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It is at this point that they realize Ciara is missing. Tripp exclaimed, “If anything bad happens to her, I will never forgive myself.”

In the meantime, Claire confides everything that has happened in regards to both Theo and Tripp to Lani. She is feeling like a terrible person who doesn’t deserve forgiveness or love. Lani assures Claire that there is good and bad in everyone, reminding her that Lani is no stranger to making mistakes.

Days of our Lives viewers know that Ben has taken Ciara to the cabin after he found her next to the wrecked bike. He gently lays her on the bed and washes the blood off of her face. He remembers taking Abby there, allowing her to scream because it was just the two of them. Nobody could hear her. He looks at Ciara and claims, “now, it’s just the two of us.”

Ben remembers talking to Abby about his secrets and realizing that he doesn’t trust her. He appears to be fighting to keep his sanity in the cabin with Ciara. He remembers the birth of Thomas and killing Wendy, the midwife. Ben concentrates on taking care of Ciara and heads to the closet to grab some extra blankets. He finds the shovel at the bottom of the closet and remembers entering the room and putting it there after he buried Wendy’s body.

Ben remembers holding Abby at gunpoint when Chad breaks through the door to the cabin. He remembers choking Chad with a rope and covers his face, trying to hang on to whatever sanity he once had.

He goes back to taking care of Ciara and looks for an old blanket, and when he finds one, he remembers telling Abby to swaddle the baby and wrap him up tight so that he is ready to travel. As Ben is remembering spraying Abby and Chad with lighter fluid, Ciara wakes up.

In the final scene of today’s Days of our Lives episode, Ciara awakes and sees Ben, calling out a simple “Oh my God.”

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