‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 5: Ciara Finds Tripp & Claire Naked, Dire Plot Twist, Legal Woes For Sonny [Recap]

On today’s June 5 episode of Days of Our Lives, Kate and Leo meet up in the town square before the sexual harassment legal meeting with Sonny and Justin. Actor Gilles Marini made his debut today on Days as Leo’s attorney Theodore (Ted) who has recently arrived in Salem.

Ted is fully aware that the case against Sonny is fabricated and is okay with it as long as the money is real. Leo isn’t sure that they can trust the attorney but Kate has no doubt that he will follow through with their plans, as long as a large profit is at stake.

It appears that Ted may be more interested in Kate than money. Although they cannot be seen together in public, he is hoping to plan something private.

Ted and Leo meet up for an informal meeting with Sonny and Justin at the outdoor cafe. Before the meeting, Justin assured his son that they would prove his innocence. Now, Sonny’s case doesn’t look good and his father isn’t sure he can convince a jury.

Leo has deleted his account on the dating app and now claims that he met Sonny while he was an intern at Titan. Ted pulls out the transcript of texts that Leo composed after stealing Sonny’s phone. He then produces incriminating photos from the office. Ted calls Sonny a sexual predator and asks for an absurd amount of money as compensation. For now, the request is denied.

Days fans witnessed Brady and Eve revisiting their wedding plans. He has one more thing that he needs to take care of. As soon as Brady walks into the main room of the mansion, Victor offers him the position as CEO for Titan; however, Brady declines by saying “I am done with Titan and I am done with you.”

Viewers of the NBC soap opera, watched in awe as Brady informed Maggie, who was sitting next to Victor, about how Theresa left Chloe in Mexico with Mateo. Maggie is upset by the revelation and disappointed in her husband, who has kept another secret from her.

Victor claims that if Brady chooses Eve over Theresa, he will be making “the worst decision of his life.” Maggie defends the love Brady has for Eve.

“Despite your best efforts, I am going to marry Eve.”

Brady claims that Victor hasn’t been making the family strong, he has “been trying to make this family compliant.” He no longer trusts his grandfather and refuses to go back and forth with him. Days fans were shocked to hear that Brady is taking Tate and moving out of the mansion.

When Brady is warned that Theresa isn’t just going to give up, he has the following to say.

“Let her fight, I have made my choice. I am going to spend my life with Eve and there is nothing that my grandfather or Theresa can do to keep that from happening.”

Maggie is starting to wonder whether or not she can trust Victor herself. Like it or not, Chloe is her family and he chose not to help her. Maggie informs her husband that he will be sleeping in the guest room until further notice.

To the relief of many Days followers, Ciara has finally decided that she is ready to talk to Tripp about Chase raping her. When she walks into the flat, she catches Tripp and Claire in a compromising position. Days of Our Lives viewers know that Tripp stopped himself from making a huge mistake, but Ciara doesn’t know that and believes, at that moment, that they had sex.

Claire protests the accusations and tells her they didn’t sleep together because Tripp put a stop to it. Ciara is taken aback by the new information and wonders why he stopped intimacy with a “hot girl.” Tripp confirms that he stopped everything because of the way he feels about Ciara.

Ciara lays into Claire, stating that she wanted to hurt her and couldn’t wait to get even for the Bella contest. Tripp is confused and wonders why Ciara changed her mind about pursuing a relationship with him. It doesn’t matter now that Ciara has caught Tripp with Claire; she has now ended it for good.

Tripp again implores Ciara to come clean about her reasons for breaking things off. Claire realizes what is going on and asks Tripp to stop pressuring Ciara. After Claire states that Tripp deserves to know, Ciara eventually tells him she was raped.

“I didn’t want you to look at me like I was damaged goods.”

Ciara turns things around on Tripp. He couldn’t wait 5 minutes before hooking up with someone else. Before slamming the door, she screams at both of them, making it clear that she never wants to see either one of them again.

Tripp goes out to search for Ciara but didn’t catch up with her. Repeated calls to her phone get sent straight to voicemail and Tripp begins to worry about her.

Ciara takes off on her bike. Driving while in her upset condition proved to be a poor choice. The final cut of today’s episode of Days of Our Lives shows Ciara laying bleeding and unconscious on the ground, her bike a mangled mess beside her.