John Travolta Teaches Jimmy Fallon His Iconic Dance Moves From ‘Grease’

Theo WargoGetty Images

To honor the 40th anniversary of his hit film, Grease, John Travolta stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to show off some of his smooth dance moves. During his sit down interview with Fallon, Travolta was explaining the iconic dance for “You’re the One That I Want,” when he actually confessed to the late night host that he helped come up with some of the moves.

“Like with Pulp Fiction, I grew up with all these kind of novelty dances. With Grease, they needed a step for ‘You’re the One that I Want’ at the end. So I said, ‘We used to do the four corners, why don’t we do that?’ And the choreographer was like, ‘Show it to me,’ and I did.”

So of course it only felt right for Travolta to get up and show Fallon how to nail the now iconic dance move. Right-left-back-back, Travolta can be heard telling Fallon in the video. For most fans who were watching, seeing Travolta nailing the hit dance move 40 years after the film brought back major nostalgia.

During much of the interview, Fallon gushes over John’s role in the film, telling him how talented he is to have both sung and danced in the movie. Fallon also told Travolta that at his niece’s recent birthday party, the kids even sang songs from Grease while trying to imitate Travolta.

And while John was shooting the hit film with Olivia Newton-John, it turns out that he also had a real life love interest in Newton-John. According to Page Six, Didi Conn, who played the role of Frenchy in the hit film, recently sat down for an interview where she dished that a then-23-year-old Travolta was immediately attracted to the 29-year-old singer.

“Oh yeah, [he did like her]. What was so much fun was that most of us were older than the characters we were playing so we just stayed in character all day long. So there was an ongoing improvisation happening so the flirting … was fine. It was the context of the characters and the storyline,” Conn dished.

Obviously, nothing came of the crush as Travolta is now married to actress Kelly Preston while Newton-John has had two previous marriages. And during his visit to the Big Apple, Travolta also stopped by Lenny’s Pizza in Brooklyn to celebrate “John Travolta Day.”


According to the Daily Mail, the actor re-enacted a famous scene from his film Saturday Night Fever in which his character, Tony Manero, orders two pieces of pizza and walks down the street as “Stayin’ Alive” plays.

New York State Senator Marty Golden also praised Travolta for helping to put Brooklyn on the map. Sounds like Travolta has had a great trip to NYC!