Usher’s Herpes Claims Against The Singer Will Be Tried In Los Angeles Courtroom, According To Reports

As much as singer Usher would like to move on with his life, it looks like the 39-year-old singer will be heading to court following the lawsuits made by three plaintiffs alleging that the singer is responsible for their herpes diagnoses. It’s being reported by NBC LA, that a judge ruled that all three claims will be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court, denying a defense motion forcing one of the plaintiffs to bring her case in another state. On Friday, June 8, Judge Michelle Williams Court said that because the R&B singer has a residence in California, he is subject to having the woman’s claims heard against him in that state.

Despite Usher also owning a home in Georgia, the residence of the plaintiff in the motion at issue, known simply as Jane Doe, was blacked out in the court papers of both parties after the judge granted a motion to seal her information to protect the plaintiff’s identity. In their motion against Jane Doe, Usher’s lawyers say that all of the events that are being alleged by Jane Doe took place in the other state and that her part of the case should have been brought there. Usher’s lawyers also argue that the plaintiff’s California claims should be dismissed.

Defense attorney Charlotte Wasserstein argued, “California has no interest in this dispute whatsoever.”

Despite their defense, Jane Doe’s lawyer, Jivaka Candappa, said that as a practical matter it made no sense to try the claims of two plaintiffs in California and the third in the other state. Candappa argued that Jane Doe is willing to come to California and that the other witnesses also are willing to make the trip.

In her ruling, Court said that although she was denying Usher’s motion Friday, the defense can move before trial to have Jane Doe’s claims tried separately in Los Angeles from those of the other plaintiffs if they can show it would be prejudicial to Usher to do otherwise.

Jane Doe and the other two plaintiffs are currently suing the singer after claiming in August 2017 that the father of two allegedly failed to disclose that he has genital herpes before having sex with them. Their complaint alleges sexual battery, fraud, negligence and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. One of the plaintiffs, Quantasia Sharpton, has agreed to have her name placed in the court papers while the other, a male, is identified only as John Doe.

As it was previously reported by Inquisitr, the case filed by the three complainants is the only remaining lawsuit against the singer after former accuser Laura Helm’s $20 million herpes case against Usher was set aside. According to TMZ, Helm’s case was sacked by the court after her new lawyer initiated its dismissal “with intent to refile” in November 2017.