Duchess Meghan Says Prince Harry Is The ‘Best Husband’

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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, appears to be having no trouble at all embracing her new life as a married woman – and as part of the royal family. According to Daily Mail, the 36-year-old Duchess was recently filmed gushing about Prince Harry being “wonderful” and “the best husband” while conversing with well-wishers during her visit to Chester with Queen Elizabeth.

Sharon Briscoe, a 61-year-old fan of Meghan and the royal family, was caught on film asking the Duchess how she was enjoying her new life as a married woman. Meghan took the opportunity to gush about how much she was enjoying her new life with her husband Prince Harry.

“It is wonderful. I’m really enjoying it.”

When Sharon told Markle to give her “love to Harry and to look after him.” She responded with a simple “I will do,” before seizing a second opportunity to gush about how incredible her husband was.

“That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.”

Before the conversation ended and the two parted ways, the well-wisher also noted that Markle looked “radiant.” Meghan thanked Sharon for the compliment, noting how kind it was.

As those who follow the royal family know, this visit to Chester was a particularly large deal for Meghan. This was her first royal engagement without her husband Prince Harry at her side. Fortunately, Meghan wasn’t completely alone. She did have Queen Elizabeth by her side. The royal pair traveled on the royal train to Chester together.

According to a YouTube clip by CBS News, Markle still appears to be adjusting to her new life as part of the royal family and the royal protocols that come with it. There was a brief moment where there appeared to be a small amount of confusion on whether Meghan or the Queen should get into the vehicle first. Once the Duchess figured it out and got into the vehicle, the rest of the royal engagement seemed to go smoothly.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit the Storyhouse Cheste
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Meghan opted to wear a gorgeous cream-colored cape dress designed by Givenchy for her first royal engagement without Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex appeared to be in fantastic spirits as she greeted the well-wishers in the crowd with Queen Elizabeth.


During this royal engagement, Meghan witnessed her first official bridge and theater opening. These were two things Queen Elizabeth has witnessed dozens of times during official royal engagements over the years. The pair appeared to be getting along well with several video clips showing the two chatting and Meghan smiling during the engagement.