‘One Piece’ Chapter 908 Spoilers: Most Powerful Man In World Government Appears, Sabo To Rescue Kuma

NMH.illusionFlickr / Cropped and Resized

One Piece Chapter 908 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming feature will give more exciting information about the ongoing Reverie and will feature the most powerful man in the World Government that is giving orders to the Five Elders.

In the spoilers posted at One Piece Forum, One Piece Chapter 908 will start with Mansherry using her devil fruit power to heal the wounds of Princess Shirahoshi. The mermaid princess almost became the slave of Saint Charloss in One Piece Chapter 907, but thanks to a Celestial Dragon named Saint Donquixote Mjosgard, Shirahoshi was saved. Mjosgard vowed to protect King Neptune and his family from anything that could happen during the Reverie.

After the commotion, Princess Vivi looked for her father, but Pell told her that King Cobra got a mysterious letter and is currently having a discussion with Navy Admiral Fujitora and King Riku. Meanwhile, the leader of the Solbe Kingdom named Koni, who is really Jewelry Bonney, tried to pass through the gate of Pangea but was stopped by the guards. However, she still managed to sneak in when the injured Saint Charloss was being rushed inside while being accompanied by Saint Rosewald.

Rosewald is also Celestial Dragon who is being carried by Bartholomew Kuma, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea who used to be a member of the Revolutionary Army and the former king of the Solbe kingdom. Bonney can’t help herself but cry after seeing Kuma in his current state. Bonney said that she will do everything to accomplish her mission and take revenge against the Celestial Dragons.

Sabo and the Revolutionary Army commanders learned about what happened to Kuma. They are currently hiding underground with the help of Lindbergh’s ability. All of them pledged that they will not leave Mary Geoise without rescuing Kuma, and Sabo told them that they will either succeed or die.

Meanwhile, the Five Elders are suspecting that King Cobra is planning to do something that could destroy the World Government. The Gorosei said that the Nefertari clan were one of the first 20 bloodlines considered as traitors. In the Flower Room, a mysterious man with the giant straw hat appeared. He started tearing the wanted posters of Monkey D. Luffy and Emperor Blackbeard and stabbed the pictures of Princess Shirahoshi and Princess Vivi.

The Five Elders kneeled and called the mysterious man “Im-sama.” With how the Five Elders acted toward him, there is a high possibility that the mysterious man is the most powerful person in the World Government. The Five Elderson asked “Im-sama” if there is a light he would like to be erased in the history.

One Piece Chapter 908 will be coming out soon and expected to be available on Mangastream and other manga websites.