Katherine Langford Says She Will Always Be There For ’13 Reasons Why’ Fans—Even If Her Character Isn’t

Katherine Langford plans to stay connected with her fans even though her 13 Reasons Why character will no longer be part of the hit Netflix show. In a new interview with E! News, Langford explained that Hannah Baker’s story will always be a part of her, and she promised fans that if they ever want to talk about her character’s traumatic tale, she will be there for them.

“Even though Hannah won’t be in season three or probably any other seasons—if there are any, don’t want to start rumors!—but I just want them to know Hannah’s story is always something I’m going to carry with me,” Katherine told E! News. “And if people need to reach out, I’m always going to be there in a sense, even if it’s small like on social media.”

13 Reasons Why marked Katherine Langford’s first starring role on a TV series, so it’s not surprising that the role has a special meaning for her. Langford became extremely connected to her tragic character and realized that after the second season of the show, it was time let her go for good. Katherine previously posted a heartfelt message about her character to Instagram, writing, “Hannah…I love you…and I let you go.”

Langford’s Hannah Baker committed suicide in the controversial first season of 13 Reason Why and the character later appeared via flashbacks and as a ghost-like presence with Clay (Dylan Minnette) in Season 2. For the upcoming third season of the Netflix teen drama, it has already been confirmed that Langford’s role on the show is done as the other characters’ stories become a primary focus.

In her goodbye message to fans, Katherine Langford wrote that 13 Reasons Why will “always be a special part” of her life, “regardless of whether Hannah is there or not.” Langford, who is 22, also noted that her character’s heartbreaking story resonated with many people.

“I’ve really realized the significance of that role and the story we were able to tell and how it resonated, not just on an entertainment level, but also how it resonated really intimately with people and deeply people, and so I think it was nice for me to be able to share the finality of Hannah’s journey and more so my journey in the series,” Katherine said.

The first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why are currently available to stream on Netflix. The third season of the show is set to premiere sometime in 2019.

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