White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly Refuses To Promote Rudy Giuliani’s Son

Andrew Giuliani, son of Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani, has lost his access to the West Wing after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly pulled his blue staff pass which allowed him access to the president. Kelly was reportedly given an order to promote the younger Giuliani to a special assistant to the president post, but he thought Andrew Giuliani tries to cut the line due to his last name and relationship with Trump.

Daily Mail said that despite being given an order, Kelly refused, saying that Andrew “subverts the chain of command.” Andrew Giuliani is a junior staffer at this time, but after Trump recently had dinner with Rudy Giuliani, it was decided that Andrew should be promoted. The president told his “body man” Jordan Karem to make sure that Kelly promoted the younger Giuliani.

But John Kelly has a number of concerns about Andrew Giuliani beyond his tendency to cut the line, according to other staffers.

“[Other staffers] contend Andrew has other issues in the workplace that they weren’t happy about.”

John Kelly switched Andrew’s blue pass for a green one, and now he requires an escort to come into the West Wing.

Andrew Giuliani is said to be an excellent golfer who has played with Trump several times and had volunteered on the Trump campaign. The younger Giuliani told Axios that Donald Trump is family.

“The president has been there for me, for the good times, but more importantly through the bad. That’s just the kind of man he is. I’m grateful that he’s always been willing to give me his advice on personal matters and I consider him to be my good friend and even a father figure. His family is my family.”

It’s unclear whether Donald Trump knows that Andrew Giuliani wasn’t promoted.

Tuesday night Rudy Giuliani was spotted having dinner with his son at the Georgetown restaurant Cafe Milano, says the Washington Post. Rudy Giuliani was said to be holding court at the Georgetown GOP hotspot amid a week when both Giulianis were facing the negative press.

Earlier this week, news broke that before his ex-wife filed for divorce, he was cheating with a married woman whom he traveled with to a resort in New England. Giuliani’s estranged wife Judith Nathan says that Rudy’s denial of the affair is all lies.

“My husband’s denial of the affair with the married Mrs. Ryan is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her.”

Nathan says this simply isn’t true because they were still together when she found out about the cheating and filed for divorce.

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