WWE News: ‘Money In The Bank’ Opponents Exchange Creepy Tweets About One Superstar’s Wife

Trash talking has come a long way in professional wrestling as it no longer happens only in the ring or in promos, but has taken to social media as well. WWE superstars are using Twitter and Facebook to continue their feuds and make them a bit more realistic, and it works well. On Sunday, the Bludgeon Brothers are putting the SmackDown Tag Team Titles on the line against the Good Brothers at Money in the Bank, and Luke Harper just took things a bit over the line.

The Bludgeon Brothers have held the titles for a while now, and they’ve done away with anyone getting in their paths. Now, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are ready to capture the belts and they look to be one of the teams with the best opportunity, but Harper and Rowan won’t let the titles go very easily.

Earlier this week, WrestleZone pointed out that WWE has decided to drop this championship match to the Kickoff Show of Money in the Bank. While it’s still going to happen, it’s quite a shame since it appears to have some actual heat and could prove to be quite good.

While neither team appeared on SmackDown Live to build up their match on Sunday, Luke Harper took to Twitter and made things rather personal.

Well, there’s that.

Anderson wasn’t going to just sit back and let someone talk about his wife like that, and he decided to respond to Harper. Karl Anderson didn’t hold back either when tweeting out to one-half of the tag team champions.

“Sorry man my #HotAsianWife won’t be there.
But I’ll be at #MoneyInTheBank fighting you and your partner, who everyone, funny enough, still only sees as #BraysB*tches, see you in a Chicago..”

Obviously, Anderson is referring to Bray Wyatt who is now a part of the Monday Night Raw roster where he is half of that brand’s tag champs with Matt Hardy. As many wrestling fans know, Harper and Rowan were members of The Wyatt Family for a very long time before WWE split up the stable entirely.

Erick Rowan decided to fire back on Wednesday afternoon by tweeting out to Anderson and simply saying, “You talk to (sic) much. I wanna hurt you.” Luke Gallows has yet to chime in on this whole social media battle.

This weekend’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view has 10 matches on the card and it looks like it will be a pretty good event with the build-up that WWE has given. It’s just a shame that the SmackDown Tag Team Title Match was pushed to the Kickoff as it actually has some great heat to it after this Twitter exchange. Luke Harper may have taken things a bit far when mentioning Karl Anderson’s wife, but it adds a nice element to the bout.