‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tragedy Strikes Salem When Residents Endure The Loss Of A Loved One

Many viewers of the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives are aware that Lani is currently pregnant. Lani misconstrued what she had witnessed between Gabi and JJ, thinking that they were having an affair. As a result, she ran straight into the arms of another man, Eli Grant. The baby Lani currently carries was conceived during that one night stand on Christmas Eve.

The Inquisitr reported that for a while, JJ believed that the baby was his and the stress of keeping the secret appeared to be too much for Lani to bear. After a shocking twist revealed the paternity of the baby, JJ broke off his relationship with Lani and made Eli promise to step up and be a good father.

Lani began to have cramps and bleeding and was rushed to the hospital. Days of Our Lives viewers were saddened to hear of pregnancy complications. Lani was diagnosed with placenta previa. Since that time, Lani has been careful to lead a stress-free lifestyle, and Eli has been by her side doting on her and his baby.

Lani and Eli have known that there were going to be complications with the pregnancy, but they were hopeful that there would be a positive outcome and they would deliver a healthy infant. They never expected it to come to such a traumatic end.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers from SoapHub, Lani has more complications and it is her ex-fiance, JJ, who is there to rush her to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Kayla fears the worst and lets Eli and Lani know that the baby should be delivered prematurely via a c-section. Eli tries to remain positive, but a recent spoiler report states that his family being at the hospital to offer their support makes it harder for him to keep his composure.

When Eli learns that his baby has died, it crushes him. He has been trying to remain strong for the sake of Lani and his family, but the news hits him hard. Lani still doesn’t know that her baby has died and, as the father, Eli steps up to be the one to tell her.

Days fans are wondering what will happen to Lani and Eli’s relationship after the loss of their baby. They were only together because Lani got pregnant; however, some believe that the pain could be the glue that holds them together, cementing them as a real couple. Others believe that the loss of the little one will tear them apart for good.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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