Homecoming King Gives Crown To Disabled Student [Video]

The elected homecoming king at a high school in Tennessee handed this crown and title to a disabled student. Scott (Scotty) Malone, who suffers from Williams Syndrome, was officially named homecoming king of Unionfield Community High School.

The three nominees for homecoming king previously made the decision that whichever of them won, would hand the crown and title to their classmate. Scotty was also given the “king’s medal,” which he has been wearing since Friday night.

Students and community members were packed into the gymnasium when Jesse Cooper announced that he would be handing his crown to Scotty. As reported by WKRN, the audience “erupted” in applause.

Cooper explains why he and the other nominees decided to give the crown to Scotty:

“I’ve been blessed with so many things. I just wanted Scotty to experience something great in his high school days. I wouldn’t wear it to school every day. I would put it on my shelf and say thanks for voting for me and him, he’s so passionate about it.”

Scotty was born with Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic birth defect. As stated on williams-syndrome.org, those suffering from condition face many medical issues:

“It is characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. As they grow, they struggle with things like spatial relations, numbers and abstract reasoning, which can make daily tasks a challenge. And as adults, most people with WS need supportive housing to live to their fullest potential.”

Scotty will be able to participate in next year’s ceremony as well when he hands his crown and title to the next homecoming king.

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

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