Indiana Teen Drives 60 Miles To Fight Facebook Gossip Poster

An Indiana teenager drove about 60 miles to beat up Facebook rumormonger. The online fuss between two teen girls turned all too violently real recently. A 16-year-old hopped in her truck and left her Monticello home to confront the teen spreading gossip on Facebook.

When the angry young woman arrived in LaPorte, her virtual nemesis met her at the door and fist began flying. The 17-year-old girl’s mother stepped in to thwart the battle. The 16-year-old girl allegedly knocked the rumor spreading teen down and kicked her before the mother tore the two apart, MSN notes.

The police were called and attempted to sort out the issues between the two young women. The LaPorte teen and her mother told officers that the other teen arrived at their home early Sunday morning, CBS News notes.

The Monticello teen left the scene after the mother broke up the fight. LaPorte police officers ultimately caught up with the girl as she drove her pickup truck around the home again. When questioned by police about the reasons for the fight, the 16-ear-old girl stated that the other girl had started rumors about her online.

The Illinois girl angry about the Facebook rumors was arrested and held on juvenile charges. She was charged with a curfew violation, battery, and resisting law enforcement officers. Teenagers often spend many hours online chatting with friends.

The online social network is a great way share photos and fun stories with friends; but should parents be concerned about the safety of children who frequent the website?

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