Elle Macpherson Is Not A Plastic Surgery Fan, Prefers Natural Beauty

Supermodel Elle Macpherson looks sensational at age 54, thanks to an alkaline, plant-based diet, daily exercise, and careful skincare. Unlike many other celebrities, Macpherson is not a fan of plastic surgery, saying she prefers natural beauty.

“I haven’t done any plastic surgery, not that I have any judgment; it just hasn’t been my choice,” Macpherson told British TV show This Morning. “I like a natural-looking face.”

Elle previously admitted that she has tried Botox, facial fillers, and collagen injections, but generally prefers to maintain her age-defying beauty with sunscreen, moisturizer, vitamin injections, and good nutrition.

Plant-Based Diet And Exercise

While the six-foot-tall brunette bombshell has always had a fit bikini body, she said she overhauled her diet and workout routine when she turned 50.

“When I turned 50 I realized things I did in my 20s weren’t working anymore,” Macpherson revealed. “I follow a plant-based alkaline diet, focusing on a healthy, whole food. I take green powder and protein powder every day, and I drink three liters of water a day.”

Macpherson, a lifelong fitness buff, also exercises every day by hiking, doing yoga, walking, swimming, and doing calisthenics, as the Inquisitr previously reported. As a result, the mom of two has aged very gracefully.



Macpherson, who has been married twice, recently split from her second husband, billionaire property developer Jeff Soffer.

Throughout her personal turmoil, Elle has maintained her focus on being healthy physically and mentally. That’s why she meditates every day and does yoga, to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Jane Fonda: I Was A Plastic Surgery Addict

Other Hollywood celebrities who have been open about their plastic surgeries include country music superstar Dolly Parton and Oscar winner Jane Fonda. Fonda has admitted getting breast implants, several facelifts, a chin job, and eyelid surgery, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

While going under the knife improved her appearance, Fonda claims she became addicted to plastic surgery as a way to cope with her lifelong depression, childhood sexual abuse, and low self-esteem.

Jane Fonda speaks out about sexual abuse and plastic surgery

In 2017, the daughter of screen legend Henry Fonda revealed that she was sexually abused as a child and raped years later in early adulthood. Looking back, Jane said she believes her plastic-surgery addiction was rooted in her desire to arm herself with a plastic-surgery “mask.”

“[When I see the face] of a woman who has made herself into a mask, I always think to myself [if she was sexually abused as a child],” Fonda said. “I wonder, I wonder.”