Isabel Rock Says Wedding To Jacob Roloff Won't Been On TV For 'Little People, Big World' Fans To Watch

Fans of TLC's long-running series Little People, Big World know that youngest Roloff son Jacob has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the reality television show in recent years. He recently revealed that he is engaged to Isabel Rock, and some LPBW fans were hopeful that they might get to see Jacob and Izzy's wedding on the show. Rock recently addressed that very question from a follower, and it looks like the newly-engaged couple has made a firm decision on this front.

Jacob was involved with filming during his younger years, but he has been quite vocal in the past few years about his distaste for filming and how it impacted the family. Roloff not only backed away from filming as he made his way through his teen years, he even pulled away from the family to a great extent. Luckily, it looks like Jacob has smoothed things over with his family to a degree, but that doesn't mean that he'll eagerly start filming for Little People, Big World again.

Both Isabel Rock and her fiancé Jacob have been posted a lot of updates on Instagram recently. They are doing a lot of traveling this summer and it looks like they're having a blast. One follower recently asked in the comment section of one Instagram post whether Rock and Roloff would have their wedding televised on Little People, Big World, and it sounds like the couple has already discussed the possibility and decided against it.

Instagram | Jacob Roloff

Izzy did reply to the inquiry, and she initially posted a simple "no!" Soon, Rock added that she didn't have anything against anybody who chooses to have their wedding filmed for television. She said that everybody is "entitled to live their truth!" Ultimately, however, she says that she and Jacob won't be heading down that path.

Little People, Big World fans did get to watch as Jeremy wed Audrey as well as when Zach and Tori got married. Both couples now have their first children, and viewers have been able to follow along with both of the pregnancies with Jackson and Ember. There is one more LPBW sibling in the Roloff family, Molly, but she tends to keep things fairly private as well.

Given Jacob Roloff's distance from the filming of TLC's Little People, Big World, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that his wedding with Isabel Rock will be kept off of the show. Jacob and Izzy, along with some of his family members, did share some photos from their engagement party, and it seems likely that LPBW fans will get to see some shots from their nuptials when the time comes as well.