‘Big Brother’ Cast Rumors: Twitter Is Aflutter After Andy Herron & Evel Dick Make New Season Predictions

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Rumblings are brewing on Twitter regarding the cast of Big Brother Season 20, and many loyal fans are not happy about these possible spoilers. The official cast is set to be announced within the next week, according to the CBS’s Big Brother Twitter account which will happen on the Big Brother live feeds. No specific date on the cast reveal was given, but fans can expect the announcement sooner rather than later.

While it was originally believed that Big Brother Season 20 would contain all new houseguests, the rumors on Twitter are suggesting there will now be four returning players. Season 8 winner Evel Dick and Season 15 winner Andy Herren have shared what they have heard regarding the rumors on Twitter, and the two notorious players are just as upset as the fans.

According to Andy’s Twitter, rumors are floating around that there would be four returning houseguests for Season 20. Andy was noticeably annoyed at the rumors, as he made a point to bring up Season 10 which was the only season in history to not have some sort of plot twist or “stunt castings.” Andy believed this was the best season in Big Brother history, to which many fans agreed.


Dick shared the same sentiments as Andy as he also mentioned the rumors on his Twitter page. The reality show bad-boy shared several gifs regarding fans flipping out over four returning houseguests and called it “totally lame.” Dick then shared another tweet regarding a rumor he had heard about premiere night but made sure to protect his source by not naming them. The source claimed a large number of past houseguests have been invited to premiere night and will be sitting in the audience. The producers will then select four of those houseguests randomly to join Season 20. According to Dick, the four returning houseguests have been pre-chosen and the choice is anything but random.

The Season 8 winner said he’s happy he’s not a part of the “charade,” so it’s safe to say Dick will not be in the audience come premiere night.

Comments under Andy and Dick’s tweets were not pleasant as Big Brother fans were upset about the possibility of returning houseguests.


“Good grief. They truly spit in the face of true fans of the show,” one angry fan tweeted.

“I don’t know why they keep bringing people back! Like, get new people who wanna be on the show,” another tweeter added.

To find out how things really go down on Season 20, watch Big Brother when it premieres June 27 on CBS.