Ben Affleck Likely Out As Script For ‘The Batman’ Calls For Younger Hero

The status of Ben Affleck returning as Batman in future solo films is something that fans have been wondering about, but there appears to finally be an answer. It now seems as if Warner Bros. is moving on from the older version of the “Caped Crusader,” which means that Affleck will be no longer donning the cape. Reports are now surfacing that the script for Matt Reeves’ upcoming solo The Batman is focused on a younger version of the DC Comics’ hero.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there has been a lot of moving around at DC Entertainment and that includes some departures. Geoff Johns is moving up into a producer pact while president Walter Hamada is in complete control of the film department.

As for Ben Affleck, there is even wonder if he will be in the sequel to Justice League if it’s a movie that the DCEU is going to continue doing. If that film does end up being made, that will likely be the final appearance of Affleck as Batman.

Writer and director Matt Reeves has written a script for The Batman which focuses on a younger version of “The Dark Knight,” which obviously means that Affleck is out.

With the script still being written and ideas continuously tossed around, there is no word on just who would step into the roles of Bruce Wayne and Batman. As the plot and focus of The Batman have already changed a number of times, there is always the possibility that they could be altered again.

There has been no official word on Ben Affleck being done as Batman, but it certainly seems to be the direction in which Warner Bros. is heading.

While DC and Warner Bros. are going to keep moving forward with the Wonder Woman sequel after a successful first film, other ideas are being thrown around for new projects.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Jared Leto’s version of the Joker would receive his own solo project which will be a standalone movie. Nothing much is known about the plot, but Variety reports that it will build on the world which was created in Suicide Squad.

Right now, the DC Extended Universe is rather floundering with the only true success coming from Wonder Woman and movies like Justice League failing to cash in. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuing to bring in huge box office numbers, it was obvious that some changes needed to be made. In this case, one of the biggest changes would indeed be having Ben Affleck out and a new younger Batman introduced to the world.

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