Alec Baldwin Claims Melania Trump ‘Loves’ His Impression Of Her Husband

Famed actor Alec Baldwin is restating his claim that Melania Trump is a big fan of his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live.

While speaking to Howard Stern on Monday, Baldwin was quoted as having said that he’s heard from multiple sources that Mrs. Trump “loves” his comedic impression of her husband for Saturday Night Live.

The actor went on to say that, “More than one person, now a second person has come to us and said, ‘Yeah, it’s true, she watched SNL. She watched it online and she laughed and she said ‘That’s him. That’s him!’ ”

However, People reported that Melania’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, stepped up immediately after the interview broke and shot down Baldwin’s claim as simply a futile attempt to “make himself relevant.”

The spokeswoman for the president’s wife stated “As I said back in November when he first said this, that is not true, which is why Mr. Baldwin has no actual names to corroborate his bizarre assertion.

“I give him credit for trying though, eight months later and he’s still trying to make himself relevant by using her name,” she added.

Baldwin says he’s heard otherwise from “two very powerful people in Washington.” And in his mind, it makes sense that the first lady would enjoy a good dig at her husband.

“How could it be otherwise?” Baldwin said. “His wife must be — my wife is on to me more than anybody, no one gives it to me like my wife. She gives it to me, she kicks me in the b***s like you wouldn’t believe.”

Continuing on by stating that [she] “must know what a maniac [Trump] is and what a weird guy he is.”

The first time Baldwin mentioned any claim that Mrs. Trump was a fan of his impersonation was on The Brian Lehrer Show last November.

“Someone told me, who is friends with someone in the White House, or formerly in the White House, that Melania Trump loves SNL and she loves my impersonation,” He said in the interview.

The actor stated to Lehrer that the president was “horrified and beside himself,” in regards to learning that his wife enjoyed the impersonation Baldwin did of him.

The spokeswoman for the first lady had also denied Baldwin’s assertions back then.

The actor, who’s been a considerably vocal critic of Trump’s presidency, actually received an Emmy for his imitation of the president on Saturday Night Live.