Utah Stores Stock ‘Nazi Cola,’ Immediately Pull Them After Social Media Outrage

Kate Boyle thought she’d have some fun with friends when she picked up a six-pack of Not See Cola. Then she realized that what she was actually buying was Nazi Cola.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Boyle only realized the nature of the offending drink when she got it home and sounded it out. “Wait, that’s Nazi Cola,” she said.

That realization, combined with the realization that the black eagle on the label represented the German coat of arms under the Nazi regime, and the fact that the company puts out other offensive beverages with names like “Orthodox Jooce,” caused Boyle to take to social media to air her grievances with the Real Soda of Utah beverage company, who puts out the drinks.

Boyle said that she was “shocked and horrified” by the company and called upon the grocery store chain to stop stocking the soda in question.

The internet, forever remaining undefeated, swooped upon the opportunity to call out both the Real Soda of Utah beverage company and the Macey’s Grocery Store chain of supermarkets to stop carrying the brand.

Macey’s, for what it’s worth, immediately responded to Boyle’s “call-out” and apologized to her. They then said that they’ve instructed all their stores to remove the product, since carrying it wasn’t approved at the “corporate level.”

In addition to the dropping of the Nazi cola, Macey’s is also dropping Orthodox Jooce, which features a picture of a man dressed in Orthodox Jewish attire on the label.

While Macey’s is being progressive with their attitudes and removing the offending beverages from the shelves, it seems like the Real Soda of Utah beverage company is doubling down on their offensive behavior.

Two months ago, a woman by the name of Macy Moon took to the company’s Facebook page to express her outrage over the soda.


“Really, guys? Very disappointed to see something so tasteless come from a Utah company,” she wrote.

Real Soda of Utah responded by saying that they were “sorry” that Moon was offended, but that they’re going to continue to make the soda because “everyone has differing senses of humor.”

For what it’s worth, Boyle heard those same comments in her Twitter post expressing her outrage, and she replied that she didn’t think “six million people dying” was a matter of a “sense of humor.”

Though the Nazi cola has been pulled from the shelves, it can still be bought on Amazon.

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