Taye Diggs Admits Lucy Liu Was His Free Pass During Marriage To Idina Menzel

He might not have a laminated “freebie list” of the celebrities his significant other would allow him to sleep with like Ross Geller from Friends, but Taye Diggs and his ex-wife, Idina Menzel, did share their top picks with each other when they were married.

In an interview with People Now yesterday, the actor revealed the couple’s No. 1 choices.

“I remember Idina’s was Colin Farrell, and then she immediately got a movie with him,” said Diggs, according to People. “Mine at the time was Lucy Liu, and that’s right when I got Ally McBeal.”

Yep, back in 2001, Diggs got to actually work with his crush when he played lawyer Jackson Duper in 10 episodes of Season 4 of the hit Fox dramedy starring Calista Flockhart. Liu was already one of the show’s regulars, playing attorney Ling Woo.

Although Diggs’ character was the love interest of Lisa Nicole Carson’s Renée Raddick, he was supposed to woo Liu as well. However, after he was not asked back for Season 5 of Ally McBeal and she was demoted to a just recurring character, that series plot never took off.

Now the two actors are finally getting a chance for on-screen romance in the new Netflix movie Set It Up. The romantic comedy stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as matchmakers for their workaholic bosses, played by Liu and Diggs. Set It Up, which co-stars Pete Davidson and Titus Burgess, will be released June 15.


Is there any chance for love to find its way from reel life to real life?

Diggs, 47, dated model Amanza Smith Brown after separating from Tony-winner Menzel in 2013 after 10 years of marriage. Menzel and Diggs have an 8-year-old son, Walker.

Liu, 49, is the mother of 2-year-old Rockwell. The Elementary actress, who has not revealed her son’s father’s name, has been previously linked to actors George Clooney and Will McCormack, Hollywood writer/director/producer Zach Helm, and hedge-fund billionaire Noam Gottesman.


Diggs’ son doesn’t want him to be in a relationship though. “He said the other day that he doesn’t want me to have a girlfriend,” Diggs told People Now. “He said, ‘I want you to myself. Is that okay to say, Dad?'”


For Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, June 17, the star of the upcoming CW television series All American revealed that Walker will be flying into New York City to catch a Yankees baseball game with his dad.

Watch the trailer for the Diggs/Liu flick Set It Up below: