‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Stunned By Chase, Past Connection To Him May Turn Her World Upside Down

Viewers were left stunned as Monday’s episode of General Hospital wrapped up, as Harrison Chase approached Nelle Benson and made it clear that he has a previous connection to her. Not only were viewers shocked, but “Janelle” was shocked by the encounter, too, and spoilers hint that this may leave her future as a Quartermaine baby mama uncertain. Where do things head next?

Nelle thought she’d come out on top with Carly being sent off to Ferncliff as a result of the trial, but it didn’t take long for her to come up against a new challenge. As soon as Chase tossed out his hello to “Janelle,” fans knew that things were about to turn upside down. General Hospital spoilers from the previews tease that people will see more between these two during Tuesday’s episode, but it seems likely that this greeting will kick off a new arm of this storyline that will take some time to play out.

So far, viewers don’t know all that much about Chase’s background. They know about his connection to Finn and that he lived in Florida previously, and they also know that Nelle lived in Florida before arriving in Port Charles. Everybody also watched as Chase made a remark to Maxie about how the world is filled with liars, and now it looks like that may be a hint regarding his connection to Nelle.

One popular fan theory is that Chase may have been investigating Zack Grant’s death, and he may have believed that Nelle was responsible for her deceased fiancé’s death. She had been under suspicion for his death, but the authorities couldn’t prove it. It may well be that Chase was involved with the investigation and believed she was guilty.

It could also be that Chase was connected to Zack, or knew Nelle in some other way during their time in Florida. Could a twist be on the way that would show that Chase has a dark and twisted side, or will he remain a good guy who was somehow betrayed by or lied to by Nelle? One thing is certain, and that is the fact that this is not a happy reunion on Nelle’s part. She’ll have tears in her eyes during Tuesday’s episode as she hisses that he’s stalking her and SheKnows Soaps details that she’ll be shocked as she processes all of this.

General Hospital spoilers also hint that Chase will ultimately be connected to others in Port Charles and that these connections may come as quite surprising. Soap Central notes that next week, Chase will end up in hot water, and down the road, things from Nelle’s past will finally catch up with her.

Michael, Jason, and Spinelli are already trying to expose Nelle and restore Carly’s freedom, and it looks like Chase may ultimately be the key to making that happen. Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon about where this is all headed, and fans are buzzing about what Harrison and “Janelle’s” connection might mean in the grand scheme of things.