‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Fans Buzz That Kelly Monaco’s Leaving As Sam, ABC Exec Refutes Reports [Spoilers]

Craig SjodinABC

Kelly Monaco has been playing Sam on General Hospital since 2003, and her character has been through a lot of heartbreak. It’s not uncommon for rumors to swirl that a core cast member is ready to move on, and Monaco has been the subject of these types of rumors more than once before. Buzz has started swirling again that Kelly is quitting GH, but one ABC executive took to Twitter to refute the claims.

General Hospital recently said goodbye to Nathan, as Ryan Paevey decided that he was ready to move on and try new things. In addition to that difficult departure, there have been rumors building that Dominic Zamprogna may be leaving soon as well. Now it looks as if Kelly Monaco is at the center of similar rumors. It looks like this time around, the story may have initiated via the Twitter user “GHspoils.”

Recent tweets from this account have teased that a big female character is leaving soon and that viewers won’t see it coming. The poster soon added that it’s Monaco who is leaving and that Kelly gave her notice to General Hospital before Easter. How reliable is this source? A lot of others on Twitter seem to doubt the legitimacy of these posts and it’s a very new account. On top of that, so far there doesn’t seem to be any other solid sourcing corroborating the claims that Monaco has quit.

In fact, ABC executive Nathan Varni responded to one follower on Twitter who specifically brought up the Kelly rumors. Varni replied by saying that it was a good thing that rumors were usually wrong, adding that Monaco has been very active lately filming new scenes.

Granted, even if the General Hospital actress was leaving, ABC wouldn’t reveal that information before they absolutely had to. Rumors swirled for quite some time about Paevey leaving, and nobody knew his status for certain until after Nathan died on screen. Some people responded to Varni’s tweet saying that he’s not always reliable and truthful about these types of things, while others thanked him and seemed relieved that he’d addressed the topic.

Soap Opera News also says that they have connected with sources saying that Monaco isn’t quitting. So far, Kelly hasn’t addressed the topic herself on Twitter. For now, it looks like fans will have to wait and see whether anything comes of this. General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed any juicy tidbits hinting at a departure by Kelly Monaco, and her fans are hoping that the buzz is wrong and that Sam will continue to shake things up in Port Charles for many years to come.