Kim Jong-Un & Donald Trump Noshed On Six-Course Meal Together

While millions of North Koreans are starving, the country’s portly hereditary dictator Kim Jong-un looks like he seldom misses any meals. The repast that was served at the historic summit may not be just empty calories, however. The six-course, “gut-busting” meal that he and the U.S. president consumed at their working lunch “could bring mutual comaraderie,” the Daily Mail reports.

The summit took place at the luxury Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

President Trump is not exactly thin either, although White House doctors have recommended dietary improvements and a fitness regimen for the POTUS.

The Daily Mail claims that Kim is obsessed with expensive western products such as Hennesey cognac and Crystal champagne among other things, and also that he supposedly packed on the pounds so that he more closely resembles his grandfather Kim Il-sung, the first North Korean dictator. By law, only Kim Il-sung’s immediate family members can ascend to the supreme leadership of the country.

Following a closed-door, one-on-one meeting, and then a sitdown with key advisers present, Kim and President Trump signed a document in which North Korea agreed to work toward denuclearization, but the specifics are as yet unclear. The Singapore summit (and the staff work that led up to it) is just the beginning of what will likely be an extensive series of negotiations between the Trump administration and North Korean counterparts before peace and stability can be achieved in the region. An agreement was also reached on the immediate repatriation of POW/MIA remains.

The cuisine served at the meal offered western and Asian dishes, starting off with a shrimp cocktail appetizer plus avocado salad.

The main course was short rib confit accompanied by patato dauphinois with red wine sauce on the side.

“Also included was green mango kerabu, a Malaysian rice dish, with honey lime dressing & fresh octopus, a tribute to the city state hosting the event…Another dish was a sweet & sour crispy pork and Yangzhou Fried Rice combination with homemade XO chili sauce,” the Daily Mail detailed.

To top things off, the leaders’ hosts included three desserts on the menu: Dark chocolate tartlet ganache, Haagendazs vanilla iced cream with cherry coulis, and a French pastry.

“Get a good picture everybody so we look nice and handsome and thin. Perfect,” Trump joked with photographers before the delegation began eating.

In an interview with FNC’s Sean Hannity that is set to air tonight, President Trump said that he and Kim Jong-un “got along better than I would have assumed right from the beginning. We got a lot more done today than I ever thought possible,” CBS News reported.

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