Disgraced Matt Lauer Spotted Riding Motorcycle As Divorce From Annette Roque Looms

Following the sexual misconduct allegations that rocked the country, former Today Show host Matt Lauer has finally been spotted in public.

These days, it’s a seldom occurrence to see Matt Lauer out and about in public, but on Friday, the 60-year-old was spotted tooling around on a Harley motorcycle in the Hamptons. According to the Daily Mail, the disgraced star took a quick trip around the Hamptons on what appeared to be a brand new motorcycle. In the images, Lauer can be seen bundled up for the ride, wearing jeans, brown shoes, and a blue sweatshirt. Of course, Lauer also took his safety seriously, completing the look with a silver helmet.

The Daily Mail goes on to report that the Hamptons have been a hideout spot for Lauer in recent months. As most will recall, Lauer was immediately and unexpectedly fired from his hosting gig on the Today Show after a female employee at NBC accused him of sexually harassing her during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. Three more reports of sexual misconduct were filed last month with one in 2000, another in 2001, and one more in 2007.

Shortly after news of the misconduct broke, Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, filed for divorce from the 60-year-old. According to the Inquisitr, Roque wishes to receive a one-time cash payout of $20 million along with two of their shared homes — one in the Hamptons as well as their farm in Watermill, New York.

“If she does get the $20 million, Annette won’t ask for child support, but Matt will pay for major expenses for the kids, education, healthcare until they are 21,” a source dishes.

The same source claims that Annette just wants to be finished with the divorce and move on with her life. It’s also been suggested that Lauer wishes to get things over with sooner rather than later so that he has a clean slate, both personally and professionally.

Recently, Lauer also made headlines over his $9 million sheep and cattle ranch in New Zealand. As the Inquisitr shared, when Lauer purchased the farm, he signed a “good character” clause which he was thought to have violated after news of the cheating scandal broke. For months, Lauer thought that he would be forced to sell the property, but it turns out, he won’t have to, according to the Overseas Investment Office.

“Mr. Lauer has not been charged with any offense, nor convicted, and the evidence available to the OIO at this time does not establish that Mr. Lauer is unfit to continue to hold the asset. However, in reaching this position, we do not condone the inappropriate way that Mr. Lauer has behaved.”

It will be interesting to see how Lauer’s divorce ends up panning out.