Kim Richards Addresses Kyle Richards’ Feud With Kathy Hilton, Was She Really Banned From Barron’s Wedding?

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Kim Richards is setting the record straight after rumors began swirling which suggested her younger sister, Kyle Richards, had been banned from attending the recent wedding of Barron Hilton in St. Barts due to her ongoing feud with their half-sister Kathy Hilton.

“I would like to be very clear!! My sister Kyle, her husband Maurice, and ALL OF her children were invited to be apart of this beautiful celebration. Nobody was excluded,” Kim confirmed, according to a report from All About the Real Housewives on June 11.

According to Kim, she’s sick of the ongoing rumors about the family feud happening between Kyle and Kathy and doesn’t want her fans and followers to make assumptions about what is going on behind closed doors. She also wants her online audience to know that Kyle and her family were greatly missed during the recent event.

During the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion, which aired on Bravo TV last month, Kyle admitted that things between her and Kathy were strained and said they hadn’t spoken to one another in six months. As she explained, she believes Kathy got the wrong idea about her new series on Paramount Network, American Woman, which was inspired by their late mother, Kathleen Hilton.

“It’s been difficult,” Kim said of the family drama.

“I have seen a lot of comments about this and I usually don’t respond but Kyle and her family were greatly missed!!!” Kim continued. “Her daughter Farrah was there by our side the entire time. It was my sister Kyle’s decision. And believe me, from the bottom of my heart we all missed them.”

Kim Richards and Kyle Richards joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011 for the show’s first season and until Season 6, Kim appeared alongside her sister in a full-time role.

As fans of the show will recall, Kim began facing relapse rumors during the show’s fifth season and ahead of Season 6, she was arrested at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, California, where she reportedly became drug and got physical with a police officer.

Although Kim ultimately returned to the show, she decided to put an end to her role ahead of the series’ recently aired eighth season and isn’t expected to reprise her role anytime soon. As for Kathy Hilton, she’s never been featured in anything more than a cameo role on the Bravo TV reality series.