Kanye West ‘All Smiles’ During ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Appearance

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Kanye West is quite well known for his seemingly consistent serious demeanor and solemn look on his face. However, the Ye rapper appeared to be having the time of his life while playing on Celebrity Family Feud.

The rap superstar appeared alongside his wife, Kim Kardashian West, as well as three of his cousins. Their opponents were a team composed of other notable members of the Kar-Jenner clan, Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kris’ mother, Mary Jo Campbell, her cousin CiCi Bussey, and Jonathan Cheban.

Kanye is reportedly a massive fan of Family Feud and was ecstatic to be able to be a part of the program that he loved so much.

The rapper was even jokingly coaching his team, reminding them to extend the iconic Family Feud supportive affirmation of “good answer.”

West played the game with fervent determination, being such a fan of the show he declared that he would be the winner and maintained that mindset throughout the show for as long as he could.

When the artist stepped up to the podium, he was first pitted against his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, as host Steve Harvey asked the pair the first question of the show, which ironically was about why people thought Steve Harvey is a good kisser.

Kanye, in his determination to dominate the game, immediately rang in a guess of “lips,” which actually turned out to be the highest ranked answer on the board.

Kanye’s personal determination aside, the West family didn’t succeed much further after that initial interaction. Kris subsequently led her team to numerous victories, securing the winning title in the end.

Khloe and Kendall were chosen by their respective teammates to undertake the show’s well-renowned “fast money round,” where they would each receive the same question one after the other.

Whoever managed to score 200 points first would be able to select a charity of their choosing to receive a $25,000 donation.

Despite this noble cause, the sisters decided that since both teams were playing for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and because Kanye is the biggest fan of the show there, the two decided to opt for Kim and Kanye to sub in for them in the final round of the game.


Although the duo did not succeed in the normal games, they did significantly better in the “fast money round,” where they had to rattle off answers to multiple questions in a much quicker fashion.

Kim stepped up first and managed to rack up 147 out of the 200 points before she stepped off for Kanye to contribute, with him exceeding the necessary 200 points for the charitable donation by his second correct answer.

Kanye has been enjoying success recently with the releases of his Ye and Kids See Ghosts projects, already nabbing all the top spots on iTunes, another No. 1 album on Billboard, and a single in the top 10.