Lisa Lampanelli Loses It On Heckler Who Offered Her $100 To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

Jordan StraussInvision / AP Images

Lisa Lampanelli, insult comic, had a sort of meltdown during her San Jose show when she got into a heated exchange with an audience member. TMZ reported that nobody is sure what caused the initial tiff, but it appears that Lisa said something that upset a man in the audience. He must have said something annoying for Lisa, however, as she offered to give him his money back for the ticket. Already, she was yelling and getting angry. In response, the man stood up and handed the comic a $100 bill, telling her to “shut the f*ck up” in the process. Lisa gets incredibly angry at this, as she threw the money back at him and called him a “f*cking idiot.”

And it didn’t end there. Lisa was apparently triggered by the incident, as she eventually blew up at the stage crew. Also, someone on the balcony decided to call her the c-word. Lampanelli only finished 30 minutes of an hour-long show before she stormed off.

Some fans sided with Lisa on Twitter, expressing that they hoped she was OK. One fan apologized to Lisa on behalf of “the disrespectful a*holes in this city.”

On the other hand, others wondered why Lisa had such a volatile reaction. One person, who may have been in the audience, wondered why she lost her cool after someone called her a “liar,” which may or may not be the reason she got so upset.

Another fan tweeted at Lisa and asked her to “come back out please.”

The show was much anticipated by Bay area fans, and a blurb on SFGate mentioned that her website is, “So hecklers beware.”

Lampanelli, who calls herself “The Queen of Mean,” is known for her insult comedy. She’s also known for being a voice for the LGBT community and consistently supports LGBT causes and fundraisers, according to Out In Jersey.

Lisa also has connections with President Donald Trump, as she previously appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and even made it to the final four. She’s also roasted Trump and described her experience doing so.

“[Trump] was always a gentleman to me. After the roasts he would hug us thereafter, give us kudos, etc. I just don’t know how he lost his sense of humor between the roasts and the White House. You can’t say anything about him anymore, except for maybe me because I believe he still thinks I’m kidding.”