Melania Trump Knows Donald Had An Affair With Stormy Daniels And Deserves Sympathy, Michael Avenatti Says

Melania Trump is fully aware that her husband had an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels — one that took place while Melania was caring for the couple’s newborn son — and deserves the public’s sympathy, Stormy’s lawyer says.

After a much-publicized tiff with Donald Trump’s newest lawyer and spokesman, Rudy Giuliani, about Melania’s feelings toward the alleged affair, Stormy’s lawyer is setting the issue straight. Michael Avenatti said in an interview with Salon that he knows Melania is aware of her husband’s affair and reiterated that she is a victim in the matter.

Avenatti said that even Giuliani, who has sparred with Avenatti and continually denied that Trump had an affair with the adult film star, knows that Stormy Daniels’ allegation are true.

“There’s no question that he knows my client is telling the truth because he was there and this happened,” Avenatti said. “I think 80 percent of Americans have viewed her 60 Minutes interview and came away believing my client. I know people on the right that are staunch supporters of the president, and even they comment to me on how much credibility she had.”

“Mr. Trump knows it, I think the first lady knows it,” Avenatti continued. “I think Mr. Giuliani knows it, they know exactly what happened here. I think Mr. Trump also knows that he participated in the cover-up relating to this $130,000 payment.”

Earlier in the week, Rudy Giuliani had called into question the integrity of Stormy Daniels, saying that her decision to make a living as an adult film star meant she could not be trusted. That led to widespread criticism for Giuliani, including critics who pointed out that Melania Trump posed nude in her modeling days and Donald Trump appeared in a softcore adult movie for Playboy.

Avenatti responded by asking Twitter users to help find proof that Giuliani has viewed adult movies himself, and hinted on Monday morning that he had found proof in the form of Giuliani’s IP address.

Giuliani had previously said that Melania Trump believes her husband when he said the affair never took place, prompting Melania’s spokeswoman to snap back and note that Melania never discussed the matter with Giuliani.

Melania Trump has been pulled deep into the controversy surrounding her husband’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, with a series of tabloid reports claiming that she is furious and humiliated. The latest report Closer Weekly claims that Melania may even be planning a permanent move back to New York City to escape the spotlight and humiliation of the constant attention.