Plus-Size Model Felicity Hayward Answers Body Shamers By Posting Hot Bikini Pictures On Instagram

Felicity Hayward had a perfect answer for the critics who thought she shouldn’t be showing off her fuller-figured body — a series of hot bikini pictures.

The plus-size model took to Instagram to answer beachgoers who offered some critical comments while she was sunbathing. As the Metro noted, Felicity Hayward shared a photo of herself wearing a black thong bikini and a message to her haters.

‘To the couple sitting on the beach making fun, laughing and taking photos of me and my friends enjoying our holiday in lil bikinis, I will stand in front of you for 15 mins and take this banging photo because my body is just as worthy as yours sweetie’. ‘Just because you have a toned gym bod doesn’t mean you are worthy of more respect.”

The picture, posted earlier this week, is starting to get some viral attention and earned Felicity Hayward praise from her fans on board with the model’s body inclusivity message. Hayward is seen as a rising star in the modeling world and has joined a wave of other plus-size models like Ashley Graham in promoting representation for women of all sizes.

Hayward actually backed into the modeling industry after first studying photography at the University of East London and then becoming a teacher for young boys with behavioral problems. As Hayward said in a Vogue interview, she never felt pressure to adhere to a certain body standard and thinks she can be a good representation for the average woman.

“My size never came into my mind,” she said. “I would never change myself for anyone, I’m a good representation of the average British woman. Anyone can get their a*** in a certain dress. Just because I’m bigger, it doesn’t mean I hate skinny girls. Numbers don’t matter.”

That sentiment has been well-received, as Felicity Hayward has gained a reputation among the trailblazers in the modern push to expand the boundaries of the fashion industry. Hayward has a number of big gigs, gracing some of the best-known fashion magazines and earning fans for her self-confidence.

Hayward followed up her Instagram post this week with another hot bikini picture, this time showing her wearing a red two-piece swimsuit and a message to her followers to “always be unapologetically you.”

Felicity Hayward has continued to gain fans, especially on her Instagram page where she often shares bikini pictures and other shots that proudly show off her full figure.