‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada Flaunts Fit Post-Breakup Bikini Body

Evelyn Lozada, star of the reality TV show Basketball Wives, wants to show that looking good is the best revenge after a messy breakup.

Lozada, who recently broke off her engagement from Major League Baseball star Carl Crawford, has channeled her energy into rigorous gym workouts and has a sensational bikini body to show for it.

On a recent episode of Basketball Wives, the 42-year-old mom of two admitted that she beefed up her exercise sessions while getting over her recent heartbreak. Lozada’s Instagram account is filled with photos from her workout sessions, which involve lots of weightlifting.

Evelyn recently gained a little weight after undergoing in-vitro fertilization during her engagement to Crawford. Fertility treatments such as IVF can cause weight gain and bloating due to the hormone fluctuations they induce, LiveStrong reported.

Weightlifting And A Clean Diet

Because Lozada was already in great shape before undergoing fertility treatments, it didn’t take her much time to regain her sleek pre-IVF bikini body.

Evelyn used the same diet and workout routine that helped her lose 45 pounds after her 2014 pregnancy. Lozada’s weight loss secrets were an organic diet and weight-training workouts.

“I love weight training,” Lozada blogged at OK magazine. “If you want to speed up your metabolism, I suggest you pick up your weights.”



On a recent episode of Basketball Wives, Lozada said she wanted to gain about eight pounds of muscle to get strong.


Evelyn said she makes an effort to limit processed foods and junk food such as sodas and chips because they’re empty calories and nutrient-deficient.

“Try to eat lean protein, fresh fruit, veggies and grains,” Lozada said. “Yes, it sounds boring, but if you want your body back, you have to eat right. And please drink 64 ounces of water per day.”


While reality TV fans may know Evelyn Lozada from her TV appearances, the Bronx-born beauty was thrust into the spotlight in 2012, when her then-husband, NFL star Chad Johnson (formerly known as Chad Ochocinco) allegedly assaulted her.

The domestic violence incident left Lozada with a bloody three-inch gash on her forehead, TMZ reported. Lozada filed for divorce three days after the alleged attack.


Johnson was arrested and pled no contest to domestic violence charges. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and later apologized to Lozada.

Even though Evelyn has thrived after the domestic abuse incident, she said the trauma stays with you for a long time. “It stays with you forever,” Lozada said. “Do the right thing [and leave]. If it happens once we know it’s gonna happen again.”