June 10, 2018
'Little People, Big World's' Matt Roloff Ready To 'Take Things To The Next Level' With Girlfriend Caryn

Matt Roloff shared a big piece of news on the last episode of Little People, Big World. The reality TV star had been considering running for office but announced Tuesday that he has decided against making that move. Matt also mentioned, however, another big decision that viewers may have overlooked because they were focused on his decision about his political future. As reported by Gossip Cop, he talked about what he sees in his future with girlfriend Caryn.

Caryn Chandler worked for Matt and Amy as their ranch manager. Not long after they split, Matt and Caryn began dating. Rumors have been circulating for a while that they may be engaged, but there has been no confirmation that this is true. But on Tuesday night, Matt did say, "I think we're going to take our relationship to the next level." Yep. That's right! "The next level." Does that mean marriage? He didn't clarify.

Matt did confirm news that he and Caryn are looking to settle down in Arizona. It marks the first time that he has publicly stated that the move to Arizona will include his girlfriend. He went on to talk about how he feels it's important for him to build a future that's separate from Amy, saying, "Amy and I have a lot of assets in the farm, so it's really important that I start investing some of my personal money off the farm and really just having my own path that's separate from Amy." Sounds like a healthy direction given that the two are now split.

Roloff then went on to talk about how committed he is to Caryn. He referred to his life as an adventure and said his girlfriend is part of that adventure, they "are on this great track." He talked about his excitement about them having a vacation home together and then said, "I think we are going to take our relationship to the next level." So what is "the next level"? He didn't say. It could be getting engaged. It could be living together. We don't know right now, but it is a sign that Matt seems to want to be in a relationship with Caryn for a long time.

While a successful relationship is good news, this particular one doesn't come without drama. As mentioned earlier, Caryn worked for Matt and Amy for years. The two women even had a friendship. Needless to say, it makes things between Amy and Caryn a little awkward now. But Amy is in her own relationship right now. She's seeing Chris Marek, and the two seem to be serious about each other as well.