Aubrey O’Day Enjoys ‘Cake By The Ocean’ And Flaunts Her Curves In Daring Black Low Cut Bathing Suit

Singer and reality TV star Aubrey O’Day flaunted her curves in a sexy, low cut swimsuit near West Hollywood, California, yesterday.

O’Day posted the sexy shot on her Instagram account to the delight of her followers. In it, she’s kneeling at the edge of the ocean in the sand as the foamy tide rushes in around her feet. The “Dumblonde” singer accented her firm figure in a daring black suit with a neckline cut down to her navel that showed plenty of cleavage. On her sunkissed face, she wore a smoky eye with a nude lip. The model played with strands of her platinum blond hair as she gazed off into the distance.

O’Day’s followers enjoyed seeing this side of her too. They commented with many compliments on her bathing suit and composure, despite what some thought was likely cold water.

The former Danity Kane singer captioned her Saturday post, “cake by the ocean. @fashionnova #fashionnovababe.” The sultry image wracked up nearly 10,000 views from the artists’ 896,000 followers.

O’Day isn’t the only star promoting the Fashion Nova brand on her Instagram this weekend, either. Inquisitr reported that Rob Kardashian’s ex-fiance, Blac Chyna, also shared a picture of herself sporting Fashion Nova too.

Soon, O’Day and her Dumbblonde bandmate, former Danity Kane member Shannon Bex, have an album coming out, Inquisitr reported. According to all the hints and song teases the singer released on her Instagram story over the past few months, much of the inspiration for the album came from her alleged affair with first son Donald J. Trump, Jr.

Aubrey O’Day appeared on the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice, but according to what sources close to the singer told TMZ earlier this year, that is not when their affair began. The relationship happened after recording on the show ended, and it carried on in 2012, and reports say that Donald Trump, Jr.’s wife, Vanessa, knew about the dalliance. Ultimately, the affair, which happened six years earlier, did not lead to Donald Trump, Jr. and Vanessa Trump’s divorce — in O’Day’s mind at least.

Even so, the “DJT” singer said that the details featured on the album came from actual situations she went through during that time period in her life.

It looks like Aubrey O’Day isn’t letting the speculation that she might have played a part in the divorce get her down. She’s making the most out of life and enjoying her time in the sun flaunting her curves in a stunning swimsuit that fits like a glove.