Michael Lynn Rogers, Member Of Aryan Brotherhood, Sentenced To Life For Killing Alberto Gonzalez With Drill

Michael Lynn Rogers, a top-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, is headed to prison for life for killing a man over $600. On Friday, Rogers was convicted of capital murder for torturing and killing 34-year-old Alberto Gonzalez.

According to Fox News, Rogers, known to authorities as a white supremacist that often goes by “Texas Mike,” drilled holes into Gonzalez’s head, chest, and abdomen using a power tool. Court records state Gonzalez was also repeatedly beaten, hit with a hammer, sexually assaulted with a broom, and smacked with a machete before his death. His lifeless body was later dumped and set on fire.

The murder happened in July, 2016, when Gonzalez had gone to Rogers’ home in West Dallas, Texas. A fight broke out when Rogers accused Gonzalez of stealing $600.

Two other white supremacist gang members were there the night of the slaying and subsequently charged with crimes related to Gonzalez’s murder. Gregory Collier, aka “Gator,” was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for kidnapping after agreeing to testify against Rogers. John Paul Street, a member of the White Knights, has been charged with murder, but a trial date has not been set yet.

Dallas News reports that Gonzalez was not a member of any white supremacist group. He had gone to see Rogers to buy drugs. Collier said Gonzalez came to the house with members of the Hispanic gang Tango Blast. Aryan members do not have any issues associating with other gangs, per a statement made by Collier. It was drugs and money that brought the two factions together that day.

Gregory Collier took part in the murder of Alberto Gonzalez.

Collier’s testimony in court described Rogers as angry over his wallet being missing. Rogers was convinced it was Gonzalez who took it. Taking matters further, Rogers attacked Gonzalez.

Eventually, things calmed down, and Rogers agreed to let Gonzalez work off the money by mowing the lawn for a month. After the group took some methamphetamines, Rogers’ anger returned, and another beating commenced. At some point, Street got involved by hitting Gonzalez with a hammer, and Collier hit him with a beer bottle.

Rogers ultimately decided Gonzalez had to die. With Gonzalez helpless on the kitchen floor, Rogers used a drill to bore holes in the man’s body until he died. With the help of someone with a pickup truck, Gonzalez’s body was loaded up and dumped near a pond.

Michael Lynn Rogers was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Jurors in the case were so terrified of the Aryan group that 15 bailiffs were present in the courtroom during the sentencing to ensure their safety.

Looking back on that night, Rogers said he feels bad about the murder and probably should have just called the police about the missing money.

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