‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend Is Getting Paid ‘Next To Nothing’ To Do Reunion Without Him

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The Southern Charm reunion is being shot on Monday in New York City, but per usual, there is more drama going on behind the scenes. Cast member Thomas Ravenel learned that he was not welcome at the reunion, but his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, was extended an invite. The storyline goes that Thomas’ girlfriend moved across the country just to be with him, but this is now being refuted.

Radar Online says that after Ravenel had his invite to the reunion yanked, his girlfriend, who did the season for free, decided she wanted to go anyway. Ravenel, who was rumored to have been fired by Bravo (the network doesn’t have to fire him, they just won’t renew his contract for Season 6) has not posted any photos of his girlfriend on Instagram in nearly a month, so it is unclear if they are still a couple, and if that is a result of her decision to go without him.

Perhaps it’s because Bravo has finally agreed to pay for her time on the reunion, but Radar says not much says a source.

“Ashley went back and forth with Thomas trying to decide if she would go, but she finally agreed to film the reunion show in New York City.”

On the last episode of Southern Charm, it was clear that things weren’t going well between Thomas and the self-described “Cali Girl.” Jacobs had threatened to go to Santa Barbara for the holidays and not come back, and Ravenel was just fine with that. Now, Ravenel is under investigation by the Charleston Police for rape and sexual assault, and at this time, he’s not discussing the matter, which would have made the reunion awkward. Still, Jacobs was eager to attend the reunion.

“Right in the middle of all the drama with Thomas, she decided to go to the taping even though he isn’t allowed.”

But it could be that Ashley Jacobs needs the money now that things are frosty with Ravenel and all of his former friends.

“Ashley was lowballed. They offered her next to nothing to film the reunion, but she wanted to go.”

In the past on Twitter, Ravenel’s girlfriend said that there was no such thing as bad publicity after a fan asked if she was ashamed of dating someone under investigation for rape, so Thomas being forced to stay away from the reunion was not going to slow her down.

The source says that Ashley wants to explain why she became so crazed on their group vacation to Hilton Head and remained at the guest house even after the others wanted her to leave.

“Ashley is going to the show with the rest of the cast to defend herself and Thomas. The last two episodes have turned everyone against her. She was so wild this season, fighting with Kathryn, she wants to make sure her side of the story gets out there.”

Production sources have said that Ashley will only be on for a segment of the show and will not be allowed to hijack the whole reunion.