Farrah Fawcett’s Son, Redmond O’Neal, Facing Attempted Murder Charge, Per ‘Radar Online’

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Redmond O’Neal, the troubled son of actors Ryan O’Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett, has been charged with several new offenses, including attempted murder, according to a new report from Radar Online.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, O’Neal was arrested on robbery and drug charges on May 8 after robbing a 7-Eleven in Santa Monica, California. He allegedly threatened a store clerk with a knife, demanding all of the money in the cash register.

Now the Los Angeles Police Department is saying it believes the 33-year-old committed a crime spree in various L.A. neighborhoods before being caught after the 7-Eleven incident, and is being charged with attempted murder, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of brandishing a knife, and one count of battery. The LAPD turned over its new evidence to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office on Friday, June 8, reported Radar.

The police said that a man fitting O’Neal’s description, with red hair and distinct tattoos, committed several crimes between May 2 and May 5, including attacking five different men while armed with a glass bottle, repeatedly punching and then throwing another man on the ground (the victim sustained minor head injuries), and brandishing a folding knife at a coffee shop employee.

Redmond O'Neal in suit, 2012
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Then there are the major crimes he is being accused of.

O’Neal allegedly stabbed a man with a knife near the Venice Beach Boardwalk on May 4.

“Initially, the victim thought that the suspect had merely ‘punched’ him in the back,” the LAPD said in a press release, per Radar. “However, once paramedics arrived, the paramedics discovered that the victim had sustained serious stab wounds to the left side of his body.”

Later that same day, another man was found in a pool of blood with stab wounds to his torso and head. Police said that footage from a surveillance video camera captured a man who looked a lot like O’Neal walking away from the scene. The authorities also suspect that O’Neal committed this crime because of blood and fingerprints he reportedly left at the scene of the crime.

O’Neal is currently in jail stemming from the May 8 incident at the 7-Eleven. In addition to second degree robbery, he was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a smoking device, possession of an injection/ingestion device, and two counts of possessing a controlled substance (meth and heroin). O’Neal pleaded not guilty to all of these charges.

Ryan O'Neal, Redmond O'Neal In Court In 2008
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In an interview with Radar Online from prison on May 24, O’Neal blamed his famous family for all of his troubles with drugs and the law.

“It’s not the drugs that have been a problem, it’s the psychological trauma of my entire life — my whole life experiences have affected me the most,” he revealed.

“Fighting with my father, being kicked out and living on the streets, going to jail, being put in a psychiatric ward, being embarrassed all the time, just because of who my parents are,” he added.

“I never asked for any of this, I never wanted any attention.”